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More replies to comments on blog!?

  1. I have started getting a lot of comments on my blog (or, I am getting more than I use too). For every comment that is made, it only allows two replies.

    So typically someone will leave a comment, and I will reply. If they reply to me again, I can NOT reply back. I would have to make a new comment to add to the discussion. Does that make sense?

    My question is simply, how do I make it so that the replies are not limited? Or, at least, so that my blog will allow more than two replies to any given comment?

    Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to your dashboard. Find the "settings" tab. Choose "discussion" and click. A few lines down, you'll find "other comment settings".

    Look for the line that says "enable threaded (nested) comments (---) deep.

    You can choose how many replies to allow. I've chosen six.

  3. The number of replies are limited on our blogs. We can post multiple comments however most of us have such busy lives that we don't get into prolonged exchanges. See here for Discussion Settings >

    To encourage engagement and commenting see:

  4. hi, TT ;)

  5. shoreacres,

    Thanks for the help. Your step-by-step instructions were "spot on." Thanks! I think I have the problem fixed now.

  6. @shoreacres
    Good day to you. :)

  7. P.S. FWIW More than 4 levels of nested comments creates an awkward only one or two words in each line appearance on many themes.

  8. Yes, it can look like some strange extended haiku.

  9. @Tess
    Exactly. I experienced that on one theme I used. I don't have the time to invest into lengthy back and forth commenting on my own blogs or on anyone's blog so 4 levels works for my blogs.

  10. worked on
    my theme
    and it
    me writing

    Ok, I'm in a silly mood and must stop.

    But seriously, and maybe this foolishness of mine should be in "ideas" there are people who want threaded comments because they do have back and forth with their readers (personal blogs, for example, where friends use comments to "talk" to each other).

    My point here is that there are other ways to display "threaded" or "related" comments than via adding indents. First one that comes to mind is to have a thread of comments with text in red, another in orange, and so on through the rainbow. Or different colored backgrounds for groups of responses.

    I know, most themes don't measure up to P-2…

  11. Measure down to P2 lol :D Don't get me started.

  12. what would we do without p-2

    "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference"

    (that was sarcasm)
    Other than that, Mrs. timethief how did you like the play

    I mean idea?

  13. I dodged stating an opinion because my opinion on colored text was too colorful to post. I despise colored text on blogs. It looks amateurish to me.

  14. But you have to admit that there are other ways to designate "threaded comments" than by indents which result in nearly unreadable poetry.

    And rainbow colored text, I agree: it reminds me of those multi-pens where you could twist the top for colors to write with back in elementary/junior high.

    I'll just quietly close this topic. After all, it is becoming off topic…

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