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    Can the theme creator or WordPress folks add more options for us with the social media icons? The look is great. I have my Twitter, Facebook and RSS up there, but would really like LinkedIn and others.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can just add them yourself.



    That’s different than what I’m talking about. Those are sharing icons that you can place with each blog post so that readers can share the post. I have those set up. The icons I’m talking about in Mystique are the ones at the top which are links to my company’s facebook page, twitter page, etc.


    WordPress does not often add things to, or modify the themes they use here except in regard to security and to support the features here, or to remove things that would cause issues. They try and stay true to the original theme designer’s vision. If the theme designer were to update the theme to include linkedin, then perhaps wordpress would update the theme here.


    Hello, I am a new wordpress blogger and I am having trouble finding the “tumblr” URL share icon 16x16pxt. Would you know where I can find it.???



    Thanks so much……….yes I do know how to actually share and I have done twitter, email, press etc. My problem is I want to add a new service “tumblr” so they want –

    Service name: tumblr
    URL: I have added this

    *** Icon URL: enter the URL of a 16x16px icon you want to use for this service ***

    **This is what I can’t find…???

    Does that make sense….??

    Priscilla. X


    Sorry……….forgot to add, I only want to add them to my posts so other people can share them.


    You will have to do some searching on the internet for icons and find one for tumblr. Then you can resize it if necessary. There are a number of free social media icon sources on the internet. Have you checked over at tumblr? They should have some I would think.


    Yes……….will keep searching.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Cheers XX



    You don’t have to find it in exactly the right size.You can find a bigger one and then just shrink it down using a graphics program or a site like



    For future reference, the following post on Ryan Markel’s blog already contains a list of URLs and images to add many many custom services (including Tumblr):

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