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    Hi there,

    I love to interact with my blog readers and found already many other interesting blogs which I read now regulary.

    But I do gather more and more likes and cant visit every person blog.
    I would love a section in the statistics dashboard where we are able to see “who liked your posts” and “how many likes each person gave”.
    Maybe like a top 10 or top 20… or a complete list.

    This would be a great function which would alow us to find out who is regular blog reader and fan of the own blog or blogposts. It would help me to set prioritys which blog I still didnĀ“t visit back.

    There is something similar in the stats screen but for comments. Also there I do have the idea that it should show more then 6 entrys.

    I love to visit people back and that would give me complete control about it…

    What do you think?

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, sounds like a good idea to gather up all the likes into some kind of muscle ranking in the Stats area. I don’t believe it would be hard to do technically either. Hope WP consider adding this functionality.



    Not sure if I would use this since I doube some readers would want to be highlighted in this way.


    I think the OP meant that a muscle ranking of ‘likes’ would be viewable only to the blog owner privately. I’d be happy to have such a functionality but probably wouldn’t like to publicise such a list out into the open.


    nakedlistener you are right. Thats what I mean. Apart from what maidiebke mentioned… “some” people anyway use the likebait method to gain attention.. if this happens on my blogposts or in the dashboard that is in my opinion similar.

    But most of us know anyway WHO of the own blogreaders are the blacksheeps and who just do like every single blogpost for the only reason to gain attention (even on differend own blogs).

    But there are many people who comment and like to say “thank you for the informations or interesting blogpost”.. those are the readers I would really love to visit back. And I do that already but the mentioned suggestion above would make it more easy to find out who are the people of the own “fanbase”. It would make it easy to decide which blogs I visit back more regulary.. to look if I find interesting stuff there too.

    Now I do it rather randomly… But I would like to do it targeted.. to give something back.. to say thank you.. to look if these people have interesting storys for me as well. :)

    And apart from the things above.. I really love stats.. everykind of stats. :)


    A ‘internal’ muscle ranking of ‘likes’ most certainly will make it easy for the blog owner to see what types of stories are particularly well received.

    At the moment, all the likes/hates are spread out all over the place and not gathered up together – although the likes/hates are actually viewable per individual posts under All Posts part of the Dashboard.



    Certain to see the total number likes at the backend for blog owner would be an option.

    Then blog owner can compare it against the existing wordpress number of clicks for blog posts that we get under Site Stats.

    For granular information on readers and total stats., probably should not break down further than top 10-20 readers who liked posts for the entire blog. Otherwise it’s just meaningless as the numbers of Liked per reader get smaller in the list.

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