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More statistics widget options

  1. At the moment we can only display the total amount of people of have visited the blog. It would be cool if the widget could also show how many users per day visit.

  2. Site Meter is a free, fast, and easy way to add a web counter to your web page. Not only does it display the number of visitors to your web site, it also keeps statistics on the number of visits each hour and each day. There's no program to download; nothing to install. Site Meter also has a variety of web counter styles from which to choose.

  3. Another vote for Site Meter. I'm using it as well.

  4. I am using sitemeter as well, though I think it looks a little funny in the "Links" section since it's not really a link. And it also does not give the "Referral" webpage since I cannot use the javascript option for Sitemeter.

    Are there any other stat counters that show referrals, entry/exit, and the worldmap that shows where everyone is visiting from?

  5. I set up Site Meter in a separate link category so it appears at the bottom of my link list.

  6. The things you are asking for is what site meter does and if you pay for the referral option you can have that too. For free I can see a world map that shows where everyone is visiting from, continents, countries, locations, time zones, domain names, time of visit, length of visit, out clicks, entry pages, exit pages. I can even see the kind of browser and operating system visitors use. There's no doubt about it a free Site meter provides incredibly detailed reporting once you catch onto using it.

  7. In looking around Site Meter, I discovered you can also add the code in a text widget, if you don't like it in a link. I haven't tried that - I'm happy with it at the bottom of my links.

  8. I need to show more statistics information about viewers...i didn't download the program...but now i need it for privacy.

  9. @timethief: for sitemeter to track all that information you require some javascript code to be inserted in your blog. does not support this: so you get very basic stats: no referrer etc.

    @vivian: The blog stats on your Dashboard show the referrers, search terms and top posts. Referrer is very important as you can see where your visitors are coming from to viisit your site. If you look at referrer under your sitemeter all you will see is unknown.

  10. cubbycave: I'm aware of that. I'm not the one complaining about the stats. I use the stats page to see my referrals. That's good enough for me.

  11. I'm also very satisfied with the combination of the two ie.sitemeter and wordpress stats for referrals. However, if you are determined to locate a "free" referral service for your blog perhaps internet searching is the place to begin. I just typed free "blog statistics counter refferrals" into my web browser. Remarkably 2 pages came up but none of the brief google entries contained words that specfically professed to provide "referral stats" free of charge. You could be looking at a money issue here. Good luck.

  12. I need to show more statistics information about viewers...i didn't download the program...but now i need it for privacy.

    Wait a minute. You need more information about your visitors for privacy concerns? :)

  13. How else are you supposed to tell that your boss/teacher/mother is visiting? They're not necessarily going to leave a comment ;)

  14. I believe is good enough. Its free and gives all informations, check this restriction is log size for 100 visitors. With blogspot it worked fine , but with WP it is helpless and no java script is allowed.

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