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More Tag

  1. Hi,

    I have been using the More Tag to truncate my posts and initally it was working, but now it doesn't work anymore. I eneter the tag and it shows, in the HTML editor it enters a "arrow !more arrow" which I understand is what should be entered. but tehn the posts are not truncated...
    any idea why that might be happening?

    thanks a lot for your help,

  2. Please ignore my question. problem solved.
    Thanks anyway!

  3. provarexcredere

    Is it possible to put 2 or more "more tags" into a post?
    Many thanks in advance...

  4. No, the "more" tag only affects the front page of your blog. You can't use it to "paginate" your post.

    BUT, if your Post is very long and you want to have more than one page, you can use the "next page" tag in your Post.

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