“More” tag and “read the rest” post fails

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    Hello: I read the topics on this issue, and I have a different theme than the one listed, mine is Tiga-06, but it is the same issue – whereby the # of lines allotted for a post is too small and “More” tags do no good. I started out at WordPress.org, and added this blog to my wordpress.com acct. (thereby receiving a Askimet ?spelling? verification # from this site, and I log in here). Anyway, I have spent several hours trying to find a delimiter, some tag that can be changed in the theme (this theme has theme has a preset “Tigarator” .css styles section with the theme editor module. I also searched for add ons (widget or plugin) that would allow flexibility with posts (it would be great to find a plugin that allows others to freely add posts, not just comments to my blog). Sorry for the digression, but if you could assist, that would be great. As my site (http://sfsro.com) is set up now, I can only post about 35 lines, and even though a link “read the rest” shows up, it leads nowhere (shows the comments section just below the post). PS: I also tried creating a new page/category and the same problem occurs, whether I edit from the manage module or from the posting page with use of a plugin. Okay, your help is MUCH appreciated. Thanks. claire




    You appear to have missed the Please read me first post at the head of these forums. You’re at the wrong site since you’re not hosted here at wp.com. You need to be over at http://wordpress.org as you’re running different software than we are.

    I politely suggest stating first what the issue is and then going into the explaination of the issue may be a good idea when you post. :)


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