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    I’m working on a page that’s some 10,000 words, so I’ve broken it up by headings and want to insert “More” tags so the thing doesn’t look so intimidating to a reader. These work fine in the blog posts, but it doesn’t seem to be working for pages. It allows me to insert them in the “Edit Page” mode, but then they don’t actually show up in the final copy (the whole loooong thing shows up). Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? (I’m using the Koi theme if that makes a difference.)

    The blog I need help with is dellaloredo.com.



    A page is ONE unit, and by definition anyone who goes to the page sees the entire thing. With blog posts, some of the blog post shows on the main page; for pages, there is only THAT specific page. There’s nowhere for an excerpt to show.

    What I suggest you do is make several pages and link them.



    According Support, you can use “Splitting Content” instead More Tag:



    I did try linking the pages, but it’s not as reader-friendly as it could be, so thought the “more” tags would work better. (I wonder why the silly things are on the toolbar in Pages if they won’t work there :) ) Anyway, I guess I’ll stick with that option. Thank you for your help!

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