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More tag keeps moving

  1. Hi, I use the more tag <!--more--> to show only an excerpt of my posts on the homepage. Since yesterday I'm having an issue when using the visual editor. If I add the tag then save the page, once it's saved the tag has moved, either to the top of the paragraph or the bottom.

    If I am using the text editor and save in there then it doesn't happen (though any subsequent saves using the visual editor will then move it).


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thank you for staring this Topic Lucyd1978, now I do not have to create a separate one, because I am also having problems with the More Tag since the Visual Editor got updated today, and here is my problem:

    I noticed today that the More Tag ( does not work like it used to since the Visual Editor got updated today.

    I almost always add the More Tag on a separate line double spaced after a sentence (usually the fourth sentence), but if I do that now my post will show an extra space where the invisible More Tag is; and so the spacing goes from Double Spaced to Triple Spaced or Quadruple Spaced.

    Was this change to the More Tag intentional or is this a bug?

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  3. John Jr.
    Catching up on our other contact before they block me from the forum ...

    I did have some trouble with the More Tag after the Visual Editor Downgrade, but I think I can accommodate it easily, with no extra work. I want to experiment with it before committing.

    Meanwhile, the line of gray dashes is a silly downgrade, an unimprovement, from the solid line with a tag on it that we had before. It seems like they should be able to fix that.

    Back atchya soon. Got 300 ft. of snow to clear. (Long, not deep!)

  4. @Balsamean

    Welcome Balsamean, yeah I read your latest comment there, but I doubt that you will get blocked/banned. ;)

    Anyway, today it seems that some of the problems with the More Tag may/might have been fixed, I recommend testing the More Tag again to see if you are still having problems or not. ;)

    I am not a fan of the gray dashes without a tag/name showing what it is, but hopefully they will adjust this soon.

    Also the Font Size in the Visual Editor for the Hemingway Rewritten theme is Super Small and hard to read and the Font does not match the Default Font or Font Size for the theme or the Default Font for WordPress (, is anyone else having this problem for/with the themes that you use?

    Good luck with the snow and have a nice day Balsamean :) ,
    -John Jr

  5. I usually don't like the default font in any theme. I put this html code in many posts:

    At the top of the post:
    <div style="font-family:georgia; font-size:medium; color:black;">

    You can use size:large or small or x-large or x-small, even xx I think.

    Georgia is a nice, readable font.

    I cannot for the life of me get my head around this trend to use gray text (like right here). I only have human eyes. They don't do stuff that is solely machine-readable.

    At the very bottom of the post:


    to end the div.

    NOTE: Either put this code in at the very start before you create the post, or wait until you're finished, then add it. Depending on your theme it may behave better one way than the other, in that it may cause some trouble with paragraph and line breaks. So experiment before committing!

    If you create the post before adding the code, first copy the post to another temporary one before introducing the custom HTML code. I love backups! In the biz they used to call me the The Backup King.

    Don't mean to insult anyone who already knows this. And I'll greatly appreciate anyone offering a better way! (Now that we all have to become HTML coders.)

    Now back to outdoor earthen reality, where I am a much better person.

  6. P.S.: just the stuff in the <angle brackets>, not the [square ones]. I put the [code] ones there because I didn't expect this editor to allow displaying html code without the [code] shortcodes around it. So ignore everything in the square brackets.

    It's always sumpthin.

  7. @Balsamean

    I have question about that, I like the Font and Font Size of the theme, my problem is with the Font and the Font Sized used in the Visual Editor when typing my posts/pages when using this theme; will that HTML code change the Font and Font size while in the Visual Editor or only after it is published?

    -John Jr

  8. I've addressed the More tag issue in this thread:

    I am unable to reproduce any issues with it "moving". If it is still an issue for any of you, could you please post in that thread for me, so I can keep all of the commentary in one place?

    I'll let you continue to discuss other formatting issues here since it sounds like you're making progress. :)

    And @balsamean, you're welcome to post as much as you want in the forum, as long as it remains helpful and reasonable, even if you disagree with staff. So far I haven't seen any reason why you wouldn't be welcome to remain. :)

  9. @Jackiedana

    My More Tag problem seems to be fixed, but I would like the Font and Font Size problem in the Visual Editor when using the Hemingway Rewritten theme fixed.

    I already have a topic created about it (, but I am curious about if the developers think that this is a bug or if this is how they want the font and the font size to look in the Visual Editor when using the Hemingway Rewritten theme or not?

    Because this is probably the smallest and hardest to read font and font size that I have ever seen in the Visual Editor when using a theme, and even using the Zoom feature in Firefox only helps a bit; and I never need to use the Zoom feature on any other websites.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  10. @johnjronline it would be best to follow the thread you linked, as Kathryn, who works with our themes, has already replied to you that they are looking into the issue. Posting about the issue in multiple threads just makes things more confusing for all of us. :)

  11. @Jackiedana

    Okay, I was just wondering, I will keep waiting and hope the developers let her/us know something; I know they are busy, but this is making harder to make posts and I have other topics where the developers never responded back days/weeks/months/a year later.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  12. I understand. I can see the report was made but there has not been any action on it yet. I don't have an estimate for when the developers will tackle this particular issue, but hopefully it will be resolved soon for you.

  13. @Jackiedana

    Thank you for the support Jackiedana, you actually made me feel better, keep up the good work. :)

    I think that many people forget that just a simple reply letting people know what is going on/et cetera can make a big difference, I wish more people would do this, because I think it would help make a lot more people at the forums feel happy/like they are being listened to/like their problems are being worked on/et cetera if someone would respond/update them sometimes so that they know that they are not forgotten. ;)

    -John Jr

  14. Thanks. That's our goal. :)

  15. You are welcome. :)

  16. Hi John Jr,

    I have question about that, I like the Font and Font Size of the theme, my problem is with the Font and the Font Sized used in the Visual Editor when typing my posts/pages when using this theme; will that HTML code change the Font and Font size while in the Visual Editor or only after it is published?

    I see you have the team working on this over in the new topic thread. So my toot is moot. But to answer your question, yes, HTML font tags inserted into the editor will (in my experience with themes I've used) translate into their intended display within Visual Editor. However, as you'd have guessed, they are going to define what font attributes will appear in the published post, too. Reading your other topic I see what your real concern is, and it looks like they're trying to get it for you.

    What a concept. You want WYSIWYG! Wouldn't that be nice!

    Best wishes!

  17. @Balsamean

    Thank you for answering that Balsamean, I did not know that it would also show up in the Visual Editor as well, nice. :)

    Yeah, I would like either WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) or the default WordPress font (Opens Sans(?)) in a large enough font size like how the font appears on the Official News blog/website or simply for the font size to be large enough so that most people can read it comfortably .

    Anyway, I have taken up too much space on this topic, have a good evening everyone. ;)

    -John Jr

  18. Info on more tag issues in bug tracing ticket:

    This bug track ticket says the more tag bug was opened 3 weeks ago and last updated 6 days ago.

  19. @Balsamean

    Thank you Balsamean for the link to that bug ticket.

    -John Jr

  20. @Balsamean

    Thank for the link Balsamean, yeah, I noticed that this bug was fixed on 3-28-2014 which is nice/good news; but I do hope that they fix the other bugs that I reported as well.

    -John Jr

  21. We are continuing to work on various issues with the visual editor, including pasting in text from other sources and retaining the formatting.

    As for WYSIWYG, we're not there yet, but we're making steps in that direction.

  22. Hello Jackiedana,

    That is great to hear, thank you for sharing that. :)

    Even if they can not do WYSIWYG, I have no problem with them using the font and the font size that is used on the Official News Blog/Website, could they do that instead for now? (Just curious) ;)

    -John Jr

  23. Fonts are theme-dependent, so if someone wants to use a font not already in use by your theme, a user will need to purchase the Custom Design upgrade so they can use custom fonts.

  24. I was talking about the Visual Editor font and font size, I forgot to mention that. ;)

  25. The More Tag is now jumping to the bottom of the Visual Editor when I try to put the More Tag somewhere else, this is the first time this has happened to me, and so I tried going back/refreshing and trying it again three times; but it keeps happening in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on Ubuntu Linux 12.04.4 LTS.

    Maybe this bug is only temporary as they make some adjustments again?

    -John Jr

  26. I know they're working on the More tag, so yeah, it could be that it's still an issue that they're trying to fix.

  27. Okay, I will wait and see if it returns to normal eventually, thank you Jackiedana. :)

    About the font issue I have no problem with Hemingway Rewritten's default font or font size, just the Visual Editor font and font size when using that theme, and I was just saying that I had no problem with them using the official WordPress font and font size in the Visual Editor for that theme instead even if they can never get it to match the default font and font size for the Hemingway Rewritten theme. ;)

  28. @Sylvandells

    The More Tag now has text (the word: "More") to go along with the gray dashes. ;)

    I am glad that this improvement was made, thank you WordPress. :)

    -John Jr

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