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More tag, then scroll directly to newest text?

  1. I cannot figure out, after having inserted a "More Tag", how to get the page to scroll directly to where the new text continues from the previous section, so that readers do not have to use the browser scroll bar to get down to the newest text. Does anyone know a way of doing that? Many thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oops, since the question entry page appeared to know which blogs I had I thought the link would appear too. Here is the link to my blog:

  3. Hello there,
    Here's the link to the instructions
    Notes: Do not insert the more tag into a block of text within blockquotes. Also note that the more tag will not display in preview mode but provided that you did insert it than will be there when you publish.
    Hope this helps :)

  4. There are also other ways of splitting content and you will find the instruction links here >>

  5. Hi, and thanks for your uber-prompt response! I feel like I've already looked closely at the more-tag support information and I have successfully added the more tag to my posts. But I'm not able to make the linked to section of text (right after the more tag) appear as the first text that the reader sees after clicking "read more". The page shows the post from the very top of the post and then the reader has to scroll down to find the part they haven't read yet. I guess what I'm kind of looking for is a combination of a more tag and a page jump from before to after the more tag. Any ideas? Many thanks for your help.

  6. I'm sorry but we cannot edit the templates underlying our themes. If you wish to create an exact "page jump" then instead of using the more tag you will have to use page jumps instead.

  7. @massageandme: The more tag is designed to link to the rest of the post, and that's the way it works in your blog too. Maybe you've got a browser problem.

  8. Oh I didn't realize it would take a template edit. The effect I'm looking for is one of surprise between the before and the after of the more tag, sort of like revealing what's behind curtain #1, ie the reader should not accidentally be able to see it/read it before they get to it, and this effect is lessened by having to scroll down. I think what you're saying is there isn't a way to do this with b/c we use templates, right?

    Also, I looked at your timethief blog out of curiosity (wow!) and noticed something I wanted to comment on but didn't see any way to do so. Is there a way?

  9. @massageisme
    I have comments enabled on my blog. I also have a contact form at the end of my Commenting page here

    I think what you're saying is there isn't a way to do this with b/c we use templates, right?

    There isn't a way to do this on a blog. This is why. At we are all blogging on a multiuser blogging platform. In essence every member using the same theme is using the same template. We cannot access those template files. Only Staff can edit templates because any edit Staff make will effect all blogs using the same theme.

  10. @both: Please read my reply above.

  11. That being said what Panos says also applies. We can use "the more tag" and it does direct readers to the exact spot in the text on the separate post page where we inserted the more tag. That's were I am directed to and it's where Panos was directed to as well Which browser and version of it are you using please? Also will you please try this? Log out of and clear your browser cache and cookies and then log in again.

  12. @Panos
    I read what you said. Unfortunately I could not immediately reply to it as I had a phone call and had to break my comment into two comments.

  13. @ both: ooo I think you are onto something. I generally only use IE 8 (yes, I know most people would consider this a problem in and of itself!) and this is where I have run into my question/problem. I just tried reading my site on Firefox and it reads just the way I would like it to (and as panaghiotisadam suggested) - yea! I'm not sure why IE 8 is doing this. I have logged out of wordpress and cleared all my browser navigation/cache/cookies more than once since I starting posting to this blog and the problem persists. I'll check with some friends who use IE 8 and see how it looks to them. If they see it the way they're supposed to then possibly it's got something to do with my browser configuration. If they don't then maybe it's a IE 8 problem. I may be back... until then, thanks so much for being there to help!

  14. You're welcome. :)

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