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    It would be great if i could write more than one post per page.
    Example: I made a new page, called About me and i can only have 1 post on this page.
    Or am i just stupid and don’t know how to post several posts per page?



    All a Page is is a Post without categories or datastamps.

    It would be like putting a Post within a Post.

    Only thing I can suggest is put a line between each section of a Page and devide it that way.


    I would find such a feature very helpful too. Maybe something to work on.
    I have very long articles on pages and it is hard to find following articles, even with changing type style and everything else I could think of.



    Why do you put sequential scrolls of articles on pages rather than in the blog section, which is designed to display articles that way?



    Christina, then do subpages. When you create a Page, yopu have the option to assign it a Page parent to place it underneath.

    Hope this helps,


    ::Why do you put sequential scrolls of articles on pages rather than in the blog section, which is designed to display articles that way? ::

    It is for “static” information, more like a “reference” area, whereas the blog is more journal-like in nature – just as these two items were intended to be used.

    Dr. Mike I’m going to see if I can figure that out. I tried it before and it wasn’t obvious (to me).



    When you look at the Write Page page, you should see a tab along the right hand side labeled ‘Page Parent.’ Please check there.

    Hope this helps,


    Thank you Dr.Mike and timethief. I used your explanation timethief just now and responded on that other duplicate post (the one that I started), and then I found this one that was asking the same question.
    I have now created page children.

    I have comments on one page, I guess I will lose them if I transfer the original contents of the main page to a sub page, No?

    I guess I still don’t get what you’re saying about long pages and no posts at all. Posts on pages other than homepage?



    This might clarify. Pages are generally for display of completely static information; they are basically website pages, not part of the blog per se at all, and are not considered an appropriate place for information that is dynamic. Blog posts are where dynamic information goes; stuff that is updated, stuff that is added to, stuff that is changing. A blog does not delete information, but it is constantly adding info; if this is what you want to do, the blog is where you want to do it. If you want to differentiate between stuff that is about different topics, use different tags, not different pages. This lets people gather all the posts on one topic instantly with a click, and you don’t end up with a huge and unnavigable website.



    *lol* I have the yo-yo feeling :D because I’ve just answered you on the same subjects cited above in this thread in the thread called “No advance to second page”

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