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    Hey, the front page has the newest story. But only one. I would like to have 10 stories or so.
    can you help me?

    the latest story on the front page mixes up all the formated text, so you cant see that I used quotes and titles. Is there a way to keep that on the front page?

    The blog I need help with is


    The morning after is NOT a standard blog.

    The post at the top is the “latest post.” Each time you post that will change.

    To have other posts show on that main page, you have to set them as “sticky” posts. Then when you want other posts to show, you unstick those posts and stick other ones.

    The Morning After theme is not an automatic, dynamically changing theme.

    You might be best to find a different theme. This one takes constant work. Each time you post you have to unstick some posts and stick others if you want to keep the recent posts on the main page.


    I use this theme and what I have done on my secondary blog is “sticky” the last 5-6 posts and they show up underneath in the featured post section. Just name it something like “latest posts” or something. every time you post something new, sticky the last one and remove a sticky from the bottom. Its not that big a deal and can be done quickly from the “quick edit”.

    if you want to see how I set it up.

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