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    I’d like to dispaly all my posts in the Sidebar with the Recent Rosts widget – or with another one if it’s possible. Is there anyway I can get it to display more than 15? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    The recent posts widget is limited to 15. The problem is when you get 200 or 300 posts, do you really want the sidebar to be 25 feet long?

    You can use the archive shortcode in a widget to show all your posts if that is really what you wish, but do be aware that the likelihood of anyone scrolling down to see 200 or 300 posts listed in the sidebar is remote at best.

    You can also if you wish create an “archives” page using the archives shortcode and it will list all your posts in that page – even if you have 25,000 of them.



    I’d also like to bring attention to another fact. Some search engine spiders STOP indexing when they reach 100 links on any given page.

    Does your sidebar appear on every page of your blog? Count up all those links. Don’t foget to include any badges, chiclets and widgets because they are all links.

    Now take a moment and focus on the front page of your blog. Count up all the links that appear in your static pages including links to any images in them and including the links to the pages themselves.

    Next count all the links within your posts, including the title link and a “read more” link if you truncate the posts, and links to all the images in the posts. Then add the link to the title of your blog.

    I predict that when you add them all up you will be surprised to find just how many links there are.



    Thanks Sacredpath and Timethief I take your points. I’m nowhere near 200 posts yet, still only about 30 max. Is it possible to sift my Recent Posts, ie to knock some of them out and just feature 15 of the best? Or if not in Recent Posts is there a way to do this with some other widget? Any advice gratefully received.


    You can create a custom list in a text widget. You’ll need coding for links as well as coding for lists – see here:

    If you are afraid of working with html, you can fashion the list in a draft post, then switch the editor to html, copy the result and paste it in the text widget.



    @katewebb: Because the home page shows the recent posts in the latest first order, so i removed the recently posted widget, as it was redundant, instead i keep the top posts widget.


    @phoxis: Agree. I think there’s no point using the Recent Posts widget unless you’ve set your front to display a static page or a single post.



    Yes but the problem with Top Posts or Top Rated is that they are selected by what other people think – I want to list the posts I think are the best. Is there no simple widget that can do this for me?



    The Recent Posts widget is quite useful if your posts are more than two PageDowns long and you don’t use the More tag. I’ve tested it, and you get more reads of recent posts if you use the widget.

    There is a simple widget you can use, and the answer was given here:



    You can make it yourself, using a text widget. I’ve been thinking along the same lines



    Thanks everyone these tips were really helpful and I’ve done as you suggest customising a list through a text widegt. NOw I just need to work out how to put widgets on a static home page.


    Widgets can only be placed in a sidebar. They cannot be placed in the body of a page.

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