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More than 2 colums?

  1. Maybe I'm being silly and missed it, but I was looking through all the themes the other day and couldn't find any (but the one I'm using andreas09) theme that supports more than 2 columns?

  2. Yup, that's what I see too. One theme Andrea 09 that's 3 columns, although there are some that allow for two sidebars. You can send in a feedback and request additional 3 column themes be brought on line.

  3. Thanks for that TT, I really thought it was odd that it's the only theme with 3 columns, especially as there are so many themes out there.

    I've sent in feedback, let's see what happens. :)

  4. @carocat
    I agree that asking for another 3 column theme is reasonable. But I want you to know asking for a new theme does not mean that staff can simply pluck one off the shelf ready to go at and trot it over for use at, so to speak. Many folks don't understand this and that's why I'm taking the time to explain it to you now.
    Although there are over 800 wordpress templates out there they are coded for self hosted and web hosted blogs. They are *not* coded for use on a wordpress multi-user platform like this one that we all share at
    Only the themes shown in presentation-themes admin area in your dashboard have all been painstakingly rewritten to change all the code so they can operate on this multi-user platform. Those themes have also (almost all of them) been widgetized because we cannot us plug-ins on this MU platform.
    So you will have to be patient because it's not likely your request will answered quickly, unless a 3 column theme is being worked on now and we aren't aware of it.

  5. Oh yeah, Timethief, I am aware of that and I don't expect anything to happen for a good while if ever.

    I sent the feedback and we'll see. I don't expect it to be anywhere high on their "to do list".


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