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  1. I have a couple of personal wordpress blogs. However, I am trying to create a new wordpress account for my business on my laptop, and I am unable to do it - wordpress will only let me sign into my personal account. How do I do create a separate account with a separate username, etc? That must be possible. Thank you!

    PS: as I am signed in the only way I can at the moment, I am contacting you via my personal account - the blog URL's below are from the personal account, so disregard them.
    Blog url:

  2. Log out of and clear your browser cache and cookies. For good measure reboot your computer and then without logging in to,register another username account with a different email address and register the blog under it.

  3. Ok, that worked...I hope. I got back to this forum page via the response you sent to the email linked with my old accounts, which I logged out of to follow your advice. But WordPress doesn't seem to make any distinction between accounts coming from the same computer as clicking on the reply to link in the old email automatically brings me to whatever version of WordPress I am logged into now.

    What I mean to say is, I am now commenting from my old email under my biz name here in this forum - yet they are not linked via WP - so while I can not connect the two, apparently WordPress DOES have that option? That's what is bugging me. I want that option myself!

    Anyway, thanks to you, I am now able to log in to my biz account, and that's the primary issue so Thank You so very much for your quick response! Truely appreciated.

  4. so while I can not connect the two, apparently WordPress DOES have that option?

    All accounts remain separate there is no option to merge accounts here at all though blogs on the other hand can be transferred to another account which will free the prior account from that blog and the new account the blog is transferred to gains ownership

  5. Then why does my old email - which is not associated in anyway with my biz wp account, direct me straight to my biz login here? You can see it here, now.

    The first question comment above by Junglegirl, is me. Then I logged out as per timethief's suggestions and was able to open a new biz account as mauiflowertech. It's possible sl1k responded here before I logged out to register the biz account, but why would a response link from his reply in my unassociated email link to my biz account here?

  6. Ok, I figured it out. Definitely my bad. My biz email is already linked to my other email and I am getting them instantly. So very embarrassing. You all have been enormously helpful. It's all clear now. Thank you so much. I love you!

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