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More than one blog per user possible?

  1. I was wondering if you offer the ability to host more than one blog per user? Or do we have to create multiple blogs with multiple logins by default? Can I merge two of my own blogs?

  2. Can you merge two blogs? No

    And you will have to create multiple blogs and their logins for each user.

  3. One way to solve the problem: you can create another blog with a new account, and then log in the new one, add your old account as another "administrator". Next time when you log into the old account, you'll find two blogs on your homepage.

    But you cannot merge two existing blogs in this way.

  4. conversationist

    That is exactly what I have done for now. But, I would have loved having two blogs under one user name.

    Is that worth submitting as an idea to wordpress?

  5. I've also done this, but it seems to just mess things up further. My two blogs aren't listed on the WP homepage, only the one I'm logged in on. I can't access the admin of one while I'm logged into the other. I'm still having to log in and out for each blog. :-(

  6. conversationist

    That happens because your login sessions are stored in cookies.
    One way to 'circumvent' this is to use your two logins in two different browsers e.g. "" in Firefox and "" in Netscape/Mozilla/Opera/IE/Safari/Camino... Take your pick!!
    Although, I am not sure of whether WP supports all these browsers. :)


  7. It's a mess, having to create several usernames first if you want multiple blogs. BLOGGER allows one user to have multiple blogs WITHOUT all the hassle of creating separate usernames.

    What a shame, WordPress. I hope you address this.

  8. Mariefe,

    you'll notice that this thread is over a year old. WordPress DOES allow multiple blogs under 1 username. I have 4 right now under mine.

  9. Judyb12

    Yeah, but can you use more than one theme for each?
    How did you implement this?
    can you hook them up?

    New user,
    Trying to upgrade an old site with WordPress, and want to use one theme for my personal ramblings for certain users only, and another for the main Blog open to all.

    thanks for any advice,

  10. More than one theme for each? I'm not sure how anyone would do that. Did you mean more than one theme for all 4? They each have a different theme, and they are each completely unrelated to the others. If i was so inclined, i could have a text widget in the sidebar of each that contained links to the others, but i don't really want them connected.

    Did i answer your questions? I hope so :)

  11. To see what i mean about different themes, you can see my main personal blog if you click on my name (i'm using Regulus for this one). One of my other ones (using Day Dream) is here:

  12. Yeah, one blog cannot benefit from more than 1 theme at a time. Once it has a theme, it uses that theme on every page and post until you switch. As judyb12 has mentioned, each of your X blogs can have a different theme though. As for importing entries and merging blogs, that is just a matter of going to ADMIN => MANAGE => Export on the blog you want to move the content FROM and then ADMIN => MANAGE => Import on the blog (using wordpress format) and the export file you created to merge the entries from your first blog into your second!


  13. I have a head ache because of this software.
    Only problems if you want multiple Blogs on the same account!
    The Dashboard mixes the pages of different blogs as well as the New Pages, Updates, New Posts and Comments in the same place. Chaotic.
    The About Page shows the same paragraph on the right side and on the left side!
    The programmer never seen all this, for sure! He was blind...

  14. You can have multiple blogs with a single account. When you visit while logged in, you'll see a link to create another blog.

    Just ignore what mariefe posted. He or she brought up a year old thread that is no longer correct and is just causing trouble. They deleted their blog anyway.

  15. @DrMike - what bofy is talking about is the main dashboard page. When you have multiple blogs, the "Your Stuff" stuff pertains to all the blogs, not just the one listed in the header on the page.

    I actually find this annoying and schizophrenic, too. The whole dashboard tab is a mess of all your blogs, while the other tabs on the page (Write, Manage, Comments, etc.) only apply to the one in the header.

  16. Oops, sorry about my previous post! Yeah, I just realized that. My bad.

  17. chriswilson667

    can you still create multiple blogs?

  18. Yes. You many have as many blogs as you choose. ->
    look under your avatar for "register another blog >>" and click it
    you will arrive here

  19. chriswilson667

    awesome, thank you. i was looking in the wrong place.

  20. No problem - happy blogging.

  21. Thank you drmike and timethief. I was trawling round my dashboard(s) looking for a link to add another blog. Couldn't find it anywhere!

  22. I'm glad the links were helpful. :)

  23. You do not have to undergo all this trouble in creating seperate accounts for each blog. You can have multiple blogs in one account and multiple pages in each blog. Sign in to your account in and you will find a welcome message. Under that welcome message there is a link "start another blog" Click on it and you can create another blog with a different theme.

  24. @mahesha
    Ummmm ... That's exactly what following these instructions result in - creating multiple blogs under one username.

    You many have as many blogs as you choose. ->
    look under your avatar for "register another blog >> " and click it
    you will arrive here
    The additional blog you create will be under the same username.

  25. well can get another blog in 1 account but you can't merge them.

  26. You can add another blog in the same account when you login and click on the register a new blog option.

  27. How about having different identities for different blogs.People at one blog see one nick one people at another blog see another nick,but they all come under one account,is this possible or would I have to create multiple identities with different email addresses?

  28. you have to create multiple usernames

  29. I clicked the register another blog link under my avatar and created a new blog, but it's not showing up in the list of my blogs. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you fix it?

  30. I have... sometimes, it takes awhile for it to show in your blogs list. That's something I'd suggest you not to worry about. HTH

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