More than one blog per user possible?

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    Thank you drmike and timethief. I was trawling round my dashboard(s) looking for a link to add another blog. Couldn’t find it anywhere!



    I’m glad the links were helpful. :)



    You do not have to undergo all this trouble in creating seperate accounts for each blog. You can have multiple blogs in one account and multiple pages in each blog. Sign in to your account in and you will find a welcome message. Under that welcome message there is a link “start another blog” Click on it and you can create another blog with a different theme.



    Ummmm … That’s exactly what following these instructions result in – creating multiple blogs under one username.

    You many have as many blogs as you choose. ->
    look under your avatar for “register another blog >> ” and click it
    you will arrive here
    The additional blog you create will be under the same username.



    well can get another blog in 1 account but you can’t merge them.



    You can add another blog in the same account when you login and click on the register a new blog option.



    How about having different identities for different blogs.People at one blog see one nick one people at another blog see another nick,but they all come under one account,is this possible or would I have to create multiple identities with different email addresses?



    you have to create multiple usernames



    I clicked the register another blog link under my avatar and created a new blog, but it’s not showing up in the list of my blogs. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you fix it?



    I have… sometimes, it takes awhile for it to show in your blogs list. That’s something I’d suggest you not to worry about. HTH



    A follow up question: If I want to keep one blog “hidden” (yet public), and another that is public, I cannot do it with the same profile in blogger (can I?) because it will – within my profile – display both blogs as owned by me. Does wordpress do this too or will it be difficult for the reader to know that I have another blog too (under the same username)?



    You can have only one displayed blog linked to a username.

    At least I think that’s what you’re asking.

    For example, the user name I have is listed as an admin on 5 different blogs (although I post to them under different names). But when I post on someone else’s blog or the forums here, my name is linked to only one of them.




    My question was more along the lines of:

    Blogger displays a user’s profile, where you can see all of the blogs that belong to that user, if you were to view the profile from any one of that user’s blogs. Does WordPress also do this?

    In other words, let’s say I have blog A and blog B, which are both in public domain (for whatever reason – for example, I post [perfectly innocuous :-)] photos that I want to share with grandparents and other non-techie family members on blog B but did not want any of my blog A readers to associate me with those photos), but I did not want all my blog A readers to stumble upon the fact that I owned blog B or vice versa, would WordPress reveal it somehow (blogger would, if both blogs are in the public domain)? And if WordPress does reveal it, is there any way, other than using two different usernames, to ensure that no one stumbles upon this fact via either blog A or blog B?



    No. Only one website will be associated with a particular user’s name. And you don’t have to have your blog linked to your user name (although it’s nice if you do – it makes the volunteers’ lives easier when people ask questions about their blog).

    Click on ‘member’ next to my name. That’s what shows up in the profile. Click on a comment anyone makes on a blog and that’s where their user name is linked to.

    And this is probably as clear as mud… just click and see where it takes you :)



    porcupyn: this is your profile

    so far i do not see any blogs in that page; i supposed it is possible to have 2 blogs under the same username without them being associated with each other, though your username would be the same in both blogs and hence is a giveaway. it’s best to have 2 usernames for 2 blogs if you don’t want them to be associated with each other in any way.




    Thank you both very much. You were very helpful. I went to my profile ( and saw how I can choose to make one or more blogs visible via the profile. Also, I clicked on “Member” next to my name, and my default blog shows up there.

    I like it this way – the user has the option to publicize (or not) his/her blog. That is nice [thanks wordpress :-)].



    Jeez, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the info!





    I’m currently managing an account (the free version) that has more than one blog.
    I was looking at the option of making my main blog a sub-domain of my site and paying the $ per year to make this happen.
    Now, since I have more than one blog in this account.

    What happens to these? Do I need to assign multiple sub-domains to my account and pay the 10 fee for each one? or how would this work? What’s the best solution for this?



    why have you posted here when you created a new thread about this?

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