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more than one blog: problem editing

  1. i'm having some trouble editing a blog i created some time back. its my third blog.

    i want to post on this blog, but everytime i click on the dashboard selector and select that blog, it automatically goes to the dashboard of my first blog. even tried going to the blog itself and clicking on edit, but it once again takes me to the dashboard of my first original blog. essentially, at this point, the blog remains unedited from its original state.

    any ideas? thanks...

  2. Which Dashboard selector/ link are you discussing? If you're clicking on the Write Post link, then yes, that goes to your main blog. If you're clicking on the drop down menu of your blogs and it's sending you to the incorrect blog, then yes, that is an issue.

  3. yes - i'm talking about the drop down menu on the upper-left corner. this has a list of all my blogs. when i select the third one, i'm taken to the first.

    incidentally, when i select the second one, it works fine. this is the one i post to most regularly (and the one my username links to).

  4. Hmm, that's strange because I have three blogs as well and when I click on the third one (as well as the second one), I go to the correct blog.

    IS the link under your mouse showing as correct? It should show up in your status bar along the bottom of your browser.

    I wonder if this is connected to the other threads I just made into stickies.

  5. looks like the problem resolved itself. i logged out and logged back in and everything was fine. should have tried that in the beginning...duh!

    thanks for the help.

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