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    I wish to have more than one blogrolls on my blog.
    Like one for all the original articles I publish, one for just some interesting shares..
    is there any way this can be achieved on our blogs?

    if ur still unclear abt what i mean, i publish original articles on and bookmarks + shares on

    The blog I need help with is


    Blogrolls cannot be set to show only certain links. What you can do is to assign different categories to the links, and then the links widget will display those links separated under the category names in the links widget.

    You can see a sample here:

    I have link categories of “interwebs, “links,” “mysites” and “wordpressing.”


    Oops, forgot the link to my blog here: , for the sample.



    thankz. will try and do it that way.
    (off topic: btw, liked ur post on the stupid spammer)


    You are welcome. Spammers never cease to amaze me.

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