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More than one email notified when comments come in

  1. Anybody know how I can specify an additional email address to be notified when comments come in? I have it checked to email 'me' the author, but I want to add another email address as well. Thanks.

  2. As far as I know, you can't.

  3. There is at least a way to hack it...any help there would be great!

  4. I don't want multiple emails per user. I want it to email mutliple users when a comment is posted....?? Thanks.

  5. I did understand you.

    I want it to email mutliple users when a comment is posted....

    Automatic multiple mail outs is not going to happen using technology. If this was available then it would become a spammer's tool. What you can do is this
    Alternatively what your blogging friends can do is establish an rss feed on their own blogs to your blog.

  6. Or you could set up forwarding of selected emails. Check the documentation of your mail servers/filters/readers for that.

  7. Got it. Thanks for all the responses.

  8. You're welcome. :) Will you please mark this thread "resolved"?

  9. i tried to change it to resolved multiple times and it won't accept it....

  10. I can't change it either. I am reporting it ;)


  11. Just a case of not letting the page fully load prior to trying to mark the topic as "resolved". Staff are aware and getting it fixed. No worries ;)


  12. I received en email indicating that a Response had been submitted, I approved it but it still doesn't show on the Responses indicator: there are actualy already 2 responses to that same Post, but it still indicates No Responses. This can cause some friction as it can be seen as a non-polite way of treating people who want to comment on my blog.
    Also, couldn't the comments be submitted directly, without an email warning? I could later edit them, I needed be.

  13. Have you checked the Akismet spam filter to see if the comment is there?
    Have you noted this thread ?
    You can turn off comment moderation here -> Options -> Discussion

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