More Than One Post on New Page?

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    When you create a new page, can you have more that just one post?



    Please explain. Posts and Pages are two entirely different things.



    OK. Here’s what I mean. When you create a new page, not the home page – can you have more than just one post. I wanted to have pages for different topics, but am apparently able to only have one post on new pages.



    No, each page can only contain one article.

    What you’re trying to do is create categories for pages. You can create categories for your posts but not pages. Pages are completely seperate from your posts.


    Here I am still banging my head against this question:

    I use the pages for static content. I can post all I want to on my main page. Readers can comment, too.

    But I can’t receive comments or have readers responding to the individual pages, on the actual page in question.

    Maybe we could see a catalogue of themes that uses descriptive terms to list the “cans” and “can’ts” for the various themes.



    I took a look at your site – lots of stuff there (and things I can appreciate as a former music ed major and former full time musician :) )

    As far as comments on pages – are you not seeing the discussion box on the right hand side of the page when you edit the page? If you click on that, you should be able to select the Allow Comments box. That’s what I see on mine.


    Hey VP Thanks for your reply and kind words.

    When I go to edit a particular post, there’s the options area on the right and I have both Allow comments and allow pings checked. But when I go to the site as a visitor, so to speak, there’s no place to leave comments for individual pages — except on the main page.



    OK – now you’re talking about editing a post as opposed to a page. What I was talking about was editing the page. Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing:

    Go to your dashboard, click on Manage and select Pages. You should see a list of all of your pages – for example Choral Music. To the right, you should see View Edit Delete. Chose Edit. Under Discussion make sure Allow Comments is checked. (Page status should be published.)

    If that doesn’t do it, then you should consider sending feedback on this as it works fine on mine. You can see it on the pages I have added to my blog.

    Another thing to check – under Options – Discussion – make sure you have checked the box “Allow people to post comments on the article.”



    sorry once again, “Andreas09 1.5” theme does not allow page comments as well as many others.


    Hi VP

    Very shame-faced here about using that word “post” when I really meant pages. Maybe I need to explore the Regulus theme for my stuff. But for now, I’m a big fan of “Andreas09 1.5”

    BTW I liked the John Campanelli piece on the Levelheads.



    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I didn’t realize that the Andreas09 1.5 theme couldn’t handle comments on pages.

    That Campanelli piece is very nice.


    I had the same question. What I did at the end is to create 2 additional pages. On each on them, I presented another blog and linked to it.
    Then if people want to no more, they swtich to my other blog.


    I just went and converted all my static Pages to categories and thus got rid of the swamp of Page names at the top of the screen — an improvement. I copied the contents of each of my former static pages and pasted it into a post on the main page, and gave it a category so it could be listed as a discrete entity. The posts (which are fairly static) can be commented on, and can be found readily by using that category list.

    Btw, those old “Pages” weren’t deleted yet, just marked “Private” which reduces the Page list. Some of the corresponding posts need tweaking, where they were linked to other Pages, since those links are now “404”.

    This seems like a solution. It’s certainly closer to how the WP blog was supposed to work. I wasn’t using categories at all, before this.

    Still trying to figure out how to use that clickable “More” button in the posts.



    Brookynmusic, it depends on which editor you are using. If it’s the normal text editor, there’s a button labeled ‘more’. If you’re using the advanced text editor (otherwise known as TinyMCE), it’s the button with two white boxes, one over the other with a light blue line between them.

    Hope this helps,


    Thanks, Doc. I did finally get it to work.

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