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    I originally set up my blog for me to be the only person who posts. I have since decided to change the blog to a topic that I would like my brother to post to as well. I can’t find any info on this. With the username and password, he has been able to access the blog, but is this allowed? Should we not be logged in at the same time from two locations? Additionally, but along the same lines, is there a problem with my logging in from a computer remote from my own (on vacation, want to post, etc.)? Or is the username and password sufficient to access my blog and post?

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    Get him to signup for just a ‘username’ off the main page on a machine that you are not logged in. Then, when you are logged in, go to Admin => Users and add your brother’s username to your blog as someone that can post. The FAQ’s in question for you:

    Addin More Authors

    The Different Roles You Can Make your Brother




    Thanks! Those links answered all my questions!

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