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    I would like to see more theme choices especially in the area of 3 and 4 column themes. there are not many to choose from if that is the kind you want.



    I agree there should be more themes



    ditto! there definitely need to be more choices!



    i like 4 column theme but only one choice……=.=





    I keep on getting requests to “put WP-Andreas01 on”, especially since the release of v2.0 on where it is currently doing well. Now, of course it doesn’t work that way. But I would still want to add the custom header feature (12 extra header images are included by default with the downloadable theme) and make sure that the theme work with WordPress MU, so that other MU-based blog hosts could add the theme to their collections.

    Since I can’t do any own tests on MU, I would like to ask: Is there any official guide (or specific guidelines) for making the themes MU-fit by default?



    more choices, please. i agree especially with the three and four columns.


    @andreasviklund, I would like to see Andreas01 here as well, it is a great theme. I would suggest contacting support here at to see what can be done. (24/7)


    please add new themes


    Do remember that it is not just a matter of wordpress adding a theme. Each theme has to be modified and checked for security issues so that it can run on the unique version of wordpress used here at It also has to go through complete and thorough testing with all browser, versions of browsers and operating systems to insure there are no issues.

    <editorial>Many themes out there that I have played with on my self-hosted test blog do not work well with all browsers and operating systems. In other words, they are not really finished and therefore as far as I am concerned, not acceptable. There are quite a few “theme mills” out there cranking out large quantities of themes that are garbage.</editorial>


    That said, I also would love to see more and fresher theme choices.



    I would like more themes that scale to a percentage of the browser width. Me and my artist friends use high resolutions, and it’s funny looking at all these blogs that take up less than a third of the screen.

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