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More theme colors please

  1. Dear,

    Thank you for the new theme previewer. Now I can see how other themes would look on my blog without upsetting everything. I'm sorry to say that I couldn't find a good green theme though.

    Could you please make more themes have the option of different colors? Way too many themes are blue instead of more interesting colors like green, pink, purple, yellow or red. Most of them have blue as the main color, but there are also a number with different main colors which still have blue for links and such.

    Also, Greenery is a lovely theme, but it has too little contrast (the light grey on light green is hard to read), and the font sizes are much too small. It would be my favorite theme if not for those shortcomings.

    Pretty please with whip cream and sprinkles?

    Kimiko, who has to make do with a blue theme

  2. I tried to send this to Support, but they're closed again of course. The FAQ said the Ideas forum is the best place for this question.

  3. people have definitely requested something along these lines in past forum threads. apparently matt chooses all the themes on, and his favourite colour is blue, so... ;)

  4. Garland lets you change the colours without the CSS update.

  5. Is there a place to preview the color options of the Andreas09, Day Dream, Garland, Supposedly Clean and Toni themes?
    Only Supposedly Clean and Toni are two-column, right, or can a column be removed from Andreas09 and Garland?

  6. You can't remove columns and as far as I know you can't preview colour options. You've just got to cross your fingers and hope that pumpkin and olive green go together.

  7. From the WP com standpoint it would be really simple to isolate all the colors in the various CSS into one section and thence into a separate file. Then it would be easy to reproduce each scheme in multiple palettes. Heck a bit of hackery could automate the process. Then a simple select box could import the right style. Thus for each theme - virtually unlimited color schemes. I think the whole theme paradigm is pretty inefficient on an MU platform. Not that historically speaking Matt has ever paid any attention to what I have said and done. But don't get me started. :)

  8. It would allow some truly hideous, unreadable blogs. However limited the basic templates are, they're all pretty readable except Fjord. I love all the people who choose a four column layout and then post YouTubes and pictures and whine about how things don't display properly.

    I think it's more important to to drive the tinkerers over to They really want to keep this side low maintenance.

  9. Well no tinkering by the user would be needed. It would just widen the choices / options available.

  10. No, I mean they want to encourage people who want more options to move to self-hosted by offering fewer options here. I think it's a deliberate strategy.

  11. Why would they do that? Self-hosted doesn't bring Automattic any revenue..

  12. But hosting costs them money. Quite a bit of money, as I understand it. The Adsense brings a ridiculously small amount in. This is their showoff site; they don't want too many people borking their blogs or running porn or ad-drenched huckster sites. They want it clean and low-maintenance so that people looking at WordPress will say "Boy, those wordpress blogs are really slick, and LOOK at the google juice they get." I think of it like a model house at the Exhibition. You know the other houses aren't going to be quite as nice as the showpiece.

    Labour is by far the most expensive factor in a business, and this is no exception. If they can ensure that all blogs look presentable and work well, in standard ways, without a lot of handholding, that's going to be the choices they'll make.

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