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    I have another blog now and don’t used wordpress. Because i was bored at wordpress themes. You can’t change the blog so much and i think you must do something soon etiher you will loose more users.



    You’re entitled to your opinion. I hope you find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

    But I know my readers stick around because of my content, not the pretty header or funny gadgets in the side bar.

    Just my 20 Won.


    And it’s LOSE, people! Argh! WTF is up with everyone wanting to use “loose” ?! I even see “educated” people use “loose”! I wish I could deliver a slap to every person I see that uses “loose”. It’s…


    Ok.. I’m going.. xD



    No no Abbydon, she really did mean “loose”.

    She’s going to put them in her archery bow and loose them at Blogger!

    @kissmequick: Your loss. I don’t care what YOU say, is still the best free blogging service on the market and if you’re that worried about crappy themes, splosh the dosh, get the CSS upgrade, change theme to Sandbox and do something about it. Doing this will also help the community.

    Bye then, thanks for popping in.


    I’m sure that obscure meaning is definitely out of their vocabulary. Nice mental image, though — a volley of users splatting up against the side of a building.



    Interesting concept that one of losing MORE users…. What users are already been lost? I see the blogs monthly stats going up up up up up up all the time. In my language, that equals winning users, not losing them. What is she/he talking about?



    Cute avatar though. :)



    I’m not into girls myself so a cute girl avatar doesn’t count. It’s in the wrong package. On the other hand, I think YOUR avatar is meaningful and that’s far more appealing to me than “cute”. ;)

    When it comes to reading blogs I agree with katm that content is far more important to me than the appearance of the theme or the amount of “tat” in the sidebar. And I find it every hard to believe that my readers would stop reading my blog because the theme wasn’t their cup of tea.

    Like millaq I wonder: “What is she/he talking about?”


    TT said:

    “And I find it every [probably should be “very” :-) ]hard to believe that my readers would stop reading my blog because the theme wasn’t their cup of tea.”

    I wouldn’t want that type of person as a reader (actually I doubt they can read, they just come to look at the pretty pictures and colors).



    I can absolutely attest to the fact that people will stop reading a blog if you tweak it so it’s not as easy to read. I stopped reading one of my favorite blogs because the damn column got so narrow it was like reading the Times at a distance of a quarter mile, and I could only see the left half of the YouTubes. I also never go to BoingBoing anymore because it takes eighteen years to load.



    I do not agree with a couple of sentiments here about good design. I am biased of course. But if the theme is good and ideally somehow complements the content then it starts to take off. Slow loaders, narrow columns, poor font sizes – I am outta there, and so are a lot of folk.


    Nod to 404

    There are a couple blogs I used to visit frequently that changed themes a couple times a week, and tweaked them with CSS in between. Every time I went there, I had to get used to a new theme, new fonts, new colors, and a new UI and it was a pain, so I just quit going.



    I can be a fiddler myself. I am trying not to. But if you know a bit of CSS it is easy to be permanently tweaking. :)


    Well a little tweaking here and there is OK, but I’m talking red with green text one day, and green with black text the next (well, OK I’m exaggerating… slightly).

    If I knew CSS and had the upgrade, I’d probably be tweaking here and there as well.



    I don’t mind switching between different, equally functional themes. It’s when someone makes their text column 100 pixels wide, or the text the same colour as the background, and I’m outta there.

    I have the upgrade, but I’m careful about tweaking not least because my own standards for usability are very high.



    You know, this reminds me of a girl I knew in high school. Every day she’d come to school with some wild hair color or outrageously dressed and everyone would gossip and say, “I wonder what she’ll look like tomorrow”. She started a lot of conversations, but no one really talked TO her.

    Yes, KMQ, do please cut loose (wink @ abby) if themes don’t fill your needs. Just remember it’s your CONTENT that keeps pulling your readers back.

    Speaking of which, bye now. Short day today.


    rain said, “It’s when someone makes their text column 100 pixels wide…”

    That’s exactly why I stay away from 3 and 4 column themes. Widgets are useful window dressing and should enhance usability, not dominate the blog.



    Exactly. I worked with some Drupal folks on a site and no matter what the piece of information it was, they said, “oh, it should go in the sidebar.” In six months of working with them we never once got them to say ” it should go in the content column.” Their prototypes had four to six sidebars.

    it’s a mindset. A demented mindset. I blame Redbull.



    so, if i gather correctly from the ongoing discussion, it’s okay to change themes on a regular basis as long as readability is good? or should i just control myself and not change themes every 2 months or so?



    Are you honestly changing more often than that? That would be weird.

    I don’t leave unless readability goes down. But you might want to do your tweaking all at once…like set aside a few days when traffic will be low and swap back and forth.

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