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More Unsleepable Problems! UGH!

  1. I am getting very frustrated here! If you look at my blog,, you will see that the "FWD Movie Blog" is on top of the the tabs. It didn't look that way last night. Help!

  2. Please help?

  3. On top of the tabs? Looks alright from here.

  4. It's not SUPPOSED to be on top of the tabs. It should say "FWD Movie Blog" then, directly to the right, have all of the tabs. As it is now though, the tabs are below the title.

  5. Please send a detailed description of what the problem is and what it should be like to Support. I'll let Bryan know and we'll see what can be done.

  6. do I send something to support (blush)?

  7. Never mind...figured it out :-)

  8. "It should say "FWD Movie Blog" then, directly to the right, have all of the tabs."

    Well that is exactly how it appears when I view it, which is why I said it looks alright to me.

  9. Weird. Doesn't look like that on any of my 3 computers.

    Maybe it has something to do with that "K2" tab under "Presentation" that was there yesterday, but is gone now. I remember there was an option that allowed the layout to adapt to each computer or something. Who knows.

  10. Are you viewing it in IE6? I've noticed that messes my page up spectacularly sometimes.

  11. Nope.

  12. I was looking at Bryan's announcement of the new theme and people replied to it with similar complaints to mine. I guess I do have IE6 after all. But that doesn't mean there should be SUCH a drastic difference. Here's hoping they are fixing it ASAP!

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