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  1. No. I do not need help. Can we public forum with or is this just for tech help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. habituatedbuddhist

    Ok, I give up... why did you name this thread ""?

  3. Why don't you create a blog & create a forum on a free forum site & link to it on your blog? Then you can post a link to your blog, highlighting your forum, over on the Showcase forum.

    In the Off-topic forum (primarily for the community), people talk about all different kinds of things, and there are many different sorts of people here. You may or may not find that there are others who want to participate in a thread on your topic. You can't create your own forum here, though -- but people do begin threads on topics that interest them.

  4. I'm the one who SUGGESTED the Off Topic forum but lately it just seems to be some real bottom-fishing for god comments. Why would you start a blog and then try to direct debate to a forum??? doesn't make any sense to me.

    But there is one thing I cannot permit under any circumstances: the use of "public forum" as a VERB.

  5. LOL! I did think that was an odd use of "public forum," myself!

    Personally, I don't like proselytising in what I consider inappropriate places, but as long as I can easily ignore it, I try not to let it bother me.

  6. necrotichijinks

    @ The Church Lady (a.k.a. Raincoaster) and mmadfan (a.k.a. mmadfan)

    Does that mean it's inappropriate for me to advertise a religion course I think the local university should offer?

  7. Freedom of speech, that's all I got to say. ;P

  8. You're not starting forum threads to do it, and you would NEVER use "public forum" as a verb. Knock yourself out!

  9. The reason that I named it is because I have a profile with a link on my wordpress website. I noticed that other wordpress users do too. I was trying to get a feel for how many wordpress users have a profile. Also, I noticed that some people on wordpress were trying to blog about and the ones that I had clicked on did not have but 1 comment if any at all.

  10. If you're looking to the answer to a question, like how many people here have profiles, it's probably best to ask the question directly.

  11. @jessicaber
    I agree with raincoaster. As very few of the millions of bloggers ever post here at all I did a couple of searches for you.

    Here are the results of a Google search for blogs
    search string - profile
    results >

    Here are the results of a glogbal tag pages search
    search string - mormon

  12. Thanks sorry to bother you guys. I guess that I got my answer.

  13. @jessicaber
    No bother. If you use the search links I posted above you will locate fellow bloggers who have a profiles.

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