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Morning After - asides

  1. Is there a way to limit the number of asides that show up on the home page with the Morning After theme? I know I can adjust the number of posts that appear through the Reader Settings, but I can't figure out how to do that with asides.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't believe there is a way that's been revealed in the threads I read, the announcement of the theme, the themes showcase entry or the support documentation.

  3. Yeah... I would like to know if you can limit the "Asides" as well. This could be problematic.

  4. The Theme Team Staff monitor threads in the Themes forum and will reply to you two, probably tomorrow. :)

  5. yes, I love this new theme and switched on to it. And yes, I have the same question... how are we supposed to limit the number of asides shown on the homepage. I don't want to keep deleting old ones as it gets longer to scroll...

    thanks :)

  6. So far I've been deleting older asides that I really don't care for anymore in order to trim up the asides showcased on the theme. But I'm sure this can't go on much longer. Help needed here... to a lot of people!

  7. Because up until now there has been no explanation about it, and I do not want to delete the article, to reduce the number aside, I change the format of that post, from aside format into standard format.
    If we remove that post (posts), it would appear broken links, because that post was already included in our archives and also links on other web ( for example)...

  8. You have a point there. I suppose we could do something like that but then we'd risk cluttering up the whole blog which isn't very pretty.
    We'd need some of the staff to get to work on this soon. The theme, though, is great!

  9. We don't plan to change how the Asides display works with this theme. Right now it shows all, and you can change the post format on a post to remove it from the home page, if you'd like.

  10. Omg please help, I'd like to create an aside post but am going crazy trying to locate the Post Format box which is supposed to be next to the Post Editor. All I've got are the Publish, Categories, Post Tags, Featured Image & Likes and Shares boxes. I just recently converted to The Morning After from the Headlines theme. Since everyone here seems to be able to create one could this have something to do with converting from Headlines?

  11. Why not try applying the theme again?

  12. That's rather sad, lance. It would have been the perfect theme in my opinion if that one issue could have been dealt with.
    Anyway, I suppose we'll have to manage. Not a huge price to pay for having WordPress around, eh?

  13. @thesussblog
    Headlines is a premium theme. As you have switched from it to a free theme and are experiencing issues please go here > Appearance > Themes and use the link to post to the Premium Themes Forum to get assistance.

  14. well I must say I'm a bit disappointed about the asides. But I'll stick with the theme. I simply love it :)... I think I can bear re-editing asides to standard posts.

    any magazine-themes on the way??

  15. k thanks @timethief

  16. @thesussblog
    You're welcome. We don't know for sure that your issues are connected to the theme change from a premium theme to a free theme but in the Premium Themes forum the theme designer can tell you if this is the case or not.

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