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Morning After: bug or feature?

  1. I use the scheduled posts feature a lot because, well, I'm busy :) Anyway - I wrote a post last night that I scheduled to appear at 8:15 this am as well as a 2md post that is to come at 9:30 or so. I also wanted the 1st post to be included in the featured post area so I marked it a sticky.

    What I expected to happen was that the 1st post would show up under "Latest post" until the 2nd post appeared and then only in the featured area. (If it showed up in the featured area while still in the Latest Post area, that was OK since it was such a short time frame.) Instead, it just showed up in the Featured Posts area. I had to unstick it in order for it to show up under Latest Post.

    Is this a feature or a bug? The behavior was certainly unexpected.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you turn a post into a sticky in TMA, it will show up in the Featured Posts section (only), so the Latest Post section displays the most recent post except if you turn that post into a sticky. By doing that you created a paradox, but I don't find it unexpected behavior. Think of a conventional theme: if you turn the latest post into a sticky, it won't show twice on the front page. There's no point displaying the same post twice, and there's no point making the latest post a sticky.

  3. OK, but I really had expected it to show up in both places. (In fact, I could have sworn I had seen that happen before.)

    In any case, I know now - and can use that for the future in planning what the front page should look like. Thanks!

  4. You're welcome Vivian. Of course, the 'verdict' at the end of my response is just my opinion, but it seems to be the opinion of the designers of most of the themes too, as well as the opinion of many users: the only theme that can display your latest post twice (featured plus regular) is Structure (because its featured post isn't set by making it a sticky), and we get many complaints from users who hate it that they see the same post/image twice on the front page.

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