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    I want to limit the number of asides shown on the homepage. Right now they are all coming up and I only want somewhere between three and five. Is there a way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Not that I can find. I put in 11 in a test blog and all 11 are showing which at the extreme would mean the limit is either higher than that, or there is no limit and taken to an extreme if you had 15,000 asides they would all show on the main page.

    This theme has serious shortcomings which is why I’ll never use it.



    You cannot. Lance (head of the Theme team), suggested that the asides be changed to “post” instead of “asides”, so that they would be off the homepage.
    I was very disappointed with that because the whole point of a “short message on the homepage” is that it is spontaneous, and SHORT-LIVED. You certainly do not want 15,000 asides on your homepage or always be coming back to previous “quick asides” to change them. Just sounds odd really.

    Here is the link where Lance said that:

    @tsp : may I ask what other limitations prevented you from using that theme. I was really pleased when I first saw it, then I gradually changed my mind too….



    I agree with sunnisme here. There is no reason why the number of asides isn’t limited. That whole “change the post” thing is ridiculous.

    Would be interested in knowing what other issues there are with this theme that i haven’t uncovered yet. At this point, I’m really loving it.



    And if I could change from an aside to a regular post in the Quick edit window, at least that would speed up the process.

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