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Morning After theme Question.

  1. brainforestblog

    Hello, just starting a new music blog. Loving the Morning after theme, but I really want all my posts to list at the bottom of my page below the featured posts area. Just like the last ten or so and then have a "more..." or "Older Posts" button at the bottom. I'm pretty sure I'll have to get the CSS upgrade but I want to make sure I can do this before I purchase the upgrade. Could anyone advise me on this? I would love to know before I buy it.

    Thanks alot

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry, that is something not something that can be done with CSS. There are three "content" areas in Morning After: the latest post area, the featured posts area, and the asides area. Those divs are defined in the underlying theme PHP script files which we cannot modify as this is a multi-user platform meaning we all share the same underlying theme and core wordpress files.

    CSS is simply a styling document used by browsers to style and position the various elements of a page. It cannot be used to add or change functionality.

  3. brainforestblog

    ok thanks. well second question. Could I change the latest post area so that the last 3 or 5 posts cycle through. This maybe sounds like a styling thing but could also be a change of functionality.

    thanks again

  4. Sorry, no that is again in the underlying theme files, not the CSS.

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