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mosaic gallery does not work with sidebar turned on

  1. I am using the new Mosaic gallery option but it only shows up on a portion of the page. It seems to be allowing space for a sidebar but I am telling it to use full width/no sidebar.

    I am using The Modularity lite theme. I have the "enable sidebar" option turned on for use on the blog page. This is causing a problem on the artwork pages. These pages have Full width/no sidebar checked, however the sidebar is still showing up, only it is not showing any of the widgets. If I turn off the Enable Sidebar option then the mosaic galleries on the artwork pages show up as full width. I contacted Graph Paper Press, maker of the Modularity Lite theme, who then told me to contact WordPress directly. Any advise on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. This is all fixed up now, sorry for the trouble!

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the super quick fix!!


  4. You're welcome!

  5. Oh, now I am having a different problem. It seems that only about half of my photos are showing up on mobile devices. I have enable mobile site turned on. When I turn it off, i am able to see all of the photos but they are very small, being formatted for a computer screen.


  6. They all seem to be appearing correctly. Due to the complexity of the mosaic gallery script and the slowness of some mobile devices, it may take a minute or so for all the images to appear.

  7. To clarify, they load in 23 seconds on my iPhone 4S.

  8. ok, hmmm. I have a 4s as well. when loading my page using the mobile version of my site, it still only loads less than half of the images in a gallery. maybe it's my phone. I dont know. when I tap on one of the images and cycle through the gallery, all of the images show up. But when i go back to see the whole gallery it still only shows a portion of the images.

  9. I'm seeing all of them load myself. Have you tried clearing the browser's cache via Settings -> Safari?

    Also, which version of iOS are you running?

  10. yea i tried resetting cache settings. Im running ios6.0.1.
    I tried it on a friends iPad. it worked, I'm guessing it's just my phone somehow. Thanks anyway!


  11. You're welcome!

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