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Most annoying adverts =]

  1. Talk about the most annoying adverts from the 21st Century....

  2. M&S adverts! They are so annoying, could she talk any slower!?

  3. grRrr!! i turn the t.v on mute whenever it comes on.....i cant think of any other adverts that annoy me atm..but im sure ill think is something =]

  4. Google adsense on blogs
    pop-up advertising of any kind on blogs

  5. they're not ads, but i hate snap. can't believe i used to like them!

  6. I used to like snap too! I used to think they were fun and informative. But not anymore!

  7. Over at IMDB they have side ads that sometimes take over half your screen. And those other ads that when you hover over certain text, something pop ups and it's sometimes hard to click it away.

  8. If you use Firefox, this is a godsent:

    I cannot stress enough on how much it's made my life easier. :)

  9. That's what I have. And two other blockers. And another that comes with Firefox automatically. I run every scan I have everyday. And still ads appear. I don't care about ads like top, bottom, or side ads. But the ones that take over the screen is insane!

  10. Me three
    I'm a firefox girl too
    w00t! for adblock plus
    .. :D

  11. @mymyspacelayouts: See I don't get those ads you mention on IMDb. :/

    You tried rightclicking it to block it?

  12. I hate the ads that cover something that your trying to click :@ ARGH!
    They are quite annoying if you're trying to get to something and this ad extends in the way and you end up clicking on the ad =/

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