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    I’ve put this widget in the sidebar and it would be brilliant but it’s displaying the shortlinks which doesn’t look very good and is not very descriptive of what they are. I have no idea how to remedy this and sadly not technically gifted enough to work it out! I’d be very grateful if someone could let me know how I could change the display names of these links so they look much better, if that’s possible. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is






    I cannot help you because my advice would not go over well with you at all. That site “loads like a pig” because you have so many links on the front page in the sidebar and in the widgets. That’s not to mention too many lengthy posts on the front page as well.

    Here is the report:
    Your website is slower than 95% of all tested websites!/q6TN3EKNF/



    Hi Timethief

    No offence meant and certainly none taken. Thank you very much for telling me. I am grateful. I had noticed but didn’t realise it was anything to do with the way I had set the blog up.

    I have reduced the number of posts and links on the sidebar but really wanted to keep the links at the foot of the page.

    I will look up ways of speeding the site up and use to gauge.

    I would like to keep the most clicked links and would appreciate if you could let me know why they are showing up so badly and how that can be remedied?

    Thank you.



    The the guide for creating links in posts and pages is here

    For creating links in a text widget see:

    You may find it easier to create your links in the Visual editor in a draft post first and then copy and paste the code from the Text (HTML) editor into a text widget.

    This is the general link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>
    This is the visual result but as it’s just an example it’s not actually linked to a page:
    Highlighted anchor text here
    Enter the anchor text you want to link to first.
    Then use your mouse to highlight that anchor text.
    Next click the chain icon in the Visual editor and proceed to create the link in the op-up box.



    The problem with this is that I am not creating a text widget – that is creating the widget – but using the “Most clicked widget” which picks up the formatting from somewhere – I know not where – that it is picking up the underlying shortform links which look awful and don’t describe what the widgets are – rather than the links as they appear on the blog. I don’t understand why, or even where to fix this, never mind how, so I’d be grateful for help with this.


    There is no “most clicked widget”. I think you may mean this one > The bottom line is all you can do is what is stated at that link.



    Thank you. I am no genius and that’s an understatement, but as far as I have been able to make out it doesn’t give a clue as to how or where to reformat or rename the links so they appear properly on the top visited links. It seems to me that there is insufficient information and there is no way for me to get around that insufficient information as I just don’t know the whys and wherefores.






    I’ve had to remove the top clicks widget as I’ve not been able to find out how to make it look better as it is displaying the shortened links which don’t display what one is clicking on. I’ve not been able to find out how to fix this. I may be missing something but can’t see the point of having a function that doesn’t work properly?



    Site loading time report: Your website is slower than 96% of all tested websites!/OXSEUrY2n/

    I tagged this thread so it will be moved to the CSS Forum for you.


    I tagged this thread so it will be moved to the CSS Forum for you.

    This is a widget question, not a CSS question.

    I’ve not been able to find out how to make it look better as it is displaying the shortened links which don’t display what one is clicking on.

    The widget is designed to display URLs, and there is not a way to change that in the settings at this time. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!



    Brilliant. Well thanks for the answer!

    It’s would be brilliant widget if it did display what people were clicking on.

    I expect will be fixing that, as it looks terrible as it is so I won’t be able to use it until they do!


    It might be something developers will review if they do work on the widget again in the future. However, I’ve only seen one request about it (which is this thread), and so there may be some other things ahead of an update like this to change how links work in the top clicks widget. If you think there will be a high demand for this, you can also log your idea at and see if anyone else comments too.

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