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Most Comments on a Single Post

  1. I was just wondering what is the most comments on a single post in a WordPress blog? I have 560 so far, but I'm sure there must be some with a lot more. Who's got high numbers?

  2. Robert Scoble maybe?

  3. He doesn't seem to get that many comments. They generally top out at between twenty and ninety.

  4. And half of Scoble's comments are him answering questions or other wise responding to other comments.

    I think I've got a post with about a dozen.

  5. I've got over 200 on one, but that 560 might be a record.

  6. Are you sure that's all you had? I could have sworn I left more than that on that Alanis Morissette post of yours. ;)

  7. Not yet...hint, hint. I think my record is for the thread in which I attacked the entire nation of Albania: I think all of them posted to that one.

  8. i have 2092 and it's driving me crazy. trying to find a solution to limit the amount of comments shown in a single post....

    The Smith Sisters random rants 2092 alex View Edit Delete

    meanwhile, [Link removed as per policy about offsite wp blogs - drmike]

  9. That's not a hosted blog. Our software is different and you won't find your solution here. Check over at instead.

  10. oh, sorry about that.

    thanks raincoaster! :)

  11. Outraged - just close the comments on the post...

  12. defrostindoors

    I had about 44 on one post before I closed it to comments. They weren't controversial or anything; I just got sick of that post getting all the hits and all the gushy comments.

  13. I have several posts which are like forums now.

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