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Most popular post on your blog

  1. Congrats. Just don't go starving any TB's to make Blog of the Day; there should be enough stories out there already.

    What ever happened to Misty of Chincoteague?

  2. the most popular post on my blog seems to be my thought on a marriage of Jesus and Mary

    These also have seen a bit of attention and getting some discussion

  3. Probably the most popular is this one...


  4. I'm sad to say my top post is not one of my favourites.

    Go easy! I wrote it when I was still starting out...

  5. I don't have a popular blog, because nobody posts on mine! *hint hint*

  6. chica: you and your friend haven't put anything new on there since Feb 22. Get writing ;-)

  7. Finally a post has bumped "Beaver shots" out of the way: Superoctopus!

  8. Cheonggyecheon is my most popular post and that is primarily because it shows up on the first page of a google search.

  9. My most popular post so far is The 20 Blogging Commandments - a post I left as a way of saying I would be taking a three-week break from the blog while on holiday. It was linked to by Pharyngula, which has a huge readership. Lots of fun - and shows you don't have to post every day to get a lot of hits.

  10. At the moment it's my September 11 layouts and comments. Felt weird at first making them but I made them because I for some reason got referrals. But the words September 11 layouts was pulled from different posts. So I made a few and got the most hits on September 11. :(

  11. Interesting this thread has been resurrected.
    "Who Killed Beethoven?"
    Popular because it hit the front page of WP . com over Labor Day weekend, I think.

  12. my most popular blog is on MTV trying to ruin britney spears' career

  13. I have a top three.
    A description of how I built a hen house.
    A reply to the radical vegans who think I'm a disgusting, lying, toxic, brute who murders animals for my dinner table
    A description of how I measure our energy consumption so we can keep tabs on it and keep consumption as low as possible.

    All three are equally popular and about three times as popular as the next nearest post.

  14. My most popular post is a Spaghetti with Meatball recipe made from fresh tomatoes. More people view that recipe daily than all of my other posts combined.

    I get more comments from posts about things going on in my life than from my recipes. But, my pies and spaghetti sauce, by far, draw most of my viewers.

  15. angellust, Britney ruined her own career. Maybe if she listened to the people around her instead of doing whatever popped into her head, she would probably still have a career. She also hasn't done anything in years except getting married twice and having babies.

  16. mine is called good morning baltimore and gets about 100 hits per day on's crazy!

  17. either its my Micheal Vick one,

    or my coyote one. i think both are about the same

    however oddly, my "about' page is getting more hits than any other part of my blog. which is weird.

  18. My most popular post of all time is one of the only 2 "geeky" posts I've ever written:

    Just tells you how many "geeks" are "out there"... ;-)

    i guess anything that contains the word "iPhone" just automatically draws eyeballs no matter what...

  19. roadsofstone26

    It's pretty galling to admit it, as a West Ham United supporter, but my most popular post is actually about Liverpool Football Club.

    1,287 hits. <<Crikey>>.

  20. so far the Permian Extinction, mainly because i recommended another blogger to watch the videos on the on blog. i guess he gets a lot of hits on his sites.. hehehe

  21. September 11 layouts, soap opera related layouts, animated lightning layouts, and a Chris Crocker layout.

  22. "Harlem's Painted Lady: 65 East 125th Street"

    70,113 Hits so far.

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