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Most Popular posts of yours.

  1. How do you determine that these are your best posts? And why is the English better on these posts than yours is on the forums? Are they plagiarised?

  2. I have a widget that tells me best posts of mine.
    English maybe better because they were posted by iphonist1 :D

  3. So they're not your posts then, they're someone elses.

  4. Yeah but these are the posts of my blog. I'm co author of this blog.

  5. Indeed but you said most popular posts of yours, well these aren't yours. How about posting some of your material?

  6. aaroncohenphotography

    My best post is HERE

  7. My top three posts are:

    1. Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

    2. The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

    3. Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman

    They're popular mostly because of search engine traffic, I guess. That's pretty sad when you think about it.

  8. The Brian Cox Drinking Game
    I most post my art, but my most popular post is one that combines science and alcohol....and most of those hits are from search engine traffic. Start to wonder why people are actually searching for drinking games based around a tv shows hosted by a popular physicist.

  9. The one with SEX in the subtitle. Lol.

  10. My most popular recent post was my review of Island of Lost Souls (1933) because it drew over 640+ views to my blog. Pretty awesome! :)

    Island of Lost Souls (1933) – Censored Horror with Sex and Atmospheric Bestiality

  11. My popular post was freshly pressed last year:

    The Blooming, Blossoming Beauties

  12. For each of these 2 blogs below:

    On bike themed outdoor art.

    Copenhagen, which is cycling crazy...but I saw some other wonderful stuff.

    And travelling around in a German medieval town that's well-preserved.

    For cycle write blog, I get alot of hits on my "About" page. It is the 2nd most read thing..

  13. Well, I only have one post that has been around for a day so I guess it would be that one.

  14. This one has 35 likes and 48 comments (including my replies)

    This one has the most consistent daily views since I published it:

    This has the most views all time:

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