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    The best way to see my problem will be to visit my site and click the first image on the post slider…

    I’ve got rid of the post date in order to try and make my post pages look more like static pages, but now the titles are really far down the page. Is there some CSS I can input to move it closer to the top?

    Also, can I get rid of the line of text detailing the category and format of the post? It looks pretty messy and unprofessional and I’d like it gone..

    The blog I need help with is


    .singular .hentry {
        padding-top: 4.875em;
    .singular footer.entry-meta {
        display: none;

    4.875 is the default value: decrease it till you get the spacing you like.


    I entered that coding, and nothing’s changed?


    Ah, it did, it just didn’t preview it for me in the customise window.. cheers!


    What variant of that coding can I use to close the space between the text body of the post and the title? I can’t quite work it out..



    The same amount of space shows on static pages too, for instance:

    If you mean you want to close it on the posts and the pages, add this and decrease the number:

        padding-top: 1.625em;

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