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Most Recent Dream of Yours?

  1. My most recent dream was super strange! It happened this morning. Don't judge me but I have the Pokemon theme song as my alarm clock right now and I wake up in a good mood usually. It went off but since it's a Monday I didn't wake up the first time it went off and Pokemon were in my dream. That's never happened before...That's almost weirder then the dream I had when I was younger about a floating Buddha. Well almost...

    What's your most recent dream?


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  2. I was in a shop with several other people all wanting loaves of bread. I asked if they had any left and they said "NO" there was some rolls on the shelf and I asked if I could buy them but they were already spoken for. I stormed out of the shop in a huff.
    :) Go figure!

  3. Haha! I would wake up so hungry!

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