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    Ever since the new wordpress upgrade, I’ve been having trouble with my most recent post appearing. I’ll publish and it seems to show up, but once I log out of my account, it isn’t there, and instead what I see the post I wrote before that. When I log in again, wordpress tells me that the post has “published” status and it shows up, but after logging out it mysteriously disappears again. This seems to happen most frequently when I post something late at night. Any ideas why? Is anybody else having this problem? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


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    How about a link to your blog? Start with:




    What is the title of the post we’re supposed to be seeing, the latest one?



    Right now it’s there, no problem. But usually when I post at night, the post appears on my blog, but when I log in the next morning, it’s not there. Then I try logging in and out a few times and refreshing the page, and after an hour or so it appears. I just don’t understand why there’s a delay, and why it shows as soon as I publish it but then disappears the next morning. So I guess nobody else is having this problem? This was not a problem for me until the wordpress upgrade.



    I having the same problems with my blog too. My published blog posts won’t fuking show up on my home page.

    My published blog posts
    My home page

    Anybody has any ideas on why this happened?




    oops wrong link for the published blog post



    esericsu – That site is not a blog or powered by wordpress at all (see the red tab in the upper right). We won’t be able to help you.


    I keep having same problem. Shows published, but only I can see the actual publish by going to my own page through my own dashboard…HELP???


    I see “not loading” at the top of your blog and below that “am I addicted”.

    Clear your browser cache and then force reload your main page.


    This is happening to me as well.

    My blog is and my latest posts were titled “Ariadne” and “Brigid”, but neither of them are showing up even though they both have “Published” status.

    I tried clearing my Firefox cache, but it didn’t do anything.




    I had this problem the other day. I think it’s a datacentre synching issue. If they’re still visible under Manage, try to Edit, then View the post, then click to the front of the blog again. When I did that, the post showed up. Dunno if it was cause and effect, but it’s worth a shot.

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