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Most recent post not in RSS

  1. my rss feed site ( does not include my most recent post. These are generally added soon after posting if not immediately.
    Is there a delay or has something gone wrong?
    I hate to think that some of my readers are not getting my blog because there is a problem with the rss feed.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When I looked it had Candied Orange Peel as the last Post / feed -

    I have seen mention of caching issues at times - have you tried clearing the cache on your browser?

    The recipes look great by the way.

  3. Thanks, Auxclass. It appeared in my feed about 30 minutes after my inquiry. Must just have been delayed for one reason or another!

  4. Sigh. Happened again today. Two posts have been made since my previous message on this board, and neither show up on the feed page. As of now (noon, EST) the last post is Candied Orange Peel. Last night (12 hours ago) there was a new post (Cranberry Bark) and this morning (about 4 hours ago) there was another new post (truffles).
    Is this delay "normal"?

  5. It's not "normal" it's definitely a bug, but there have been similiar problems reported with RSS feeds for some months now. Report it to staff via your Dashboard help button.

  6. thank you raincoaster

  7. I see this post "Basalmic Chocolate Truffles" in your RSS feed so I assume you have resolved this issue.

  8. sweetjumbles: What are you using to view your RSS feed? (e.g. Google Reader, Safari, Firefox)

    I've noticed that:

    • Google Reader has a fetching interval of 10-12 minutes.
    • I believe viewing the feed from Firefox pulls the feed directly from your blog.
  9. Bookmarking! Thanks for sharing that information Bryan. :)

  10. Also make sure you do a hard refresh when viewing your feed as feeds send more aggressive caching headers to your client, so even though you hit the refresh button normally your browser might just show the old version for a while.

    But I wouldn't worry about RSS too much -- try to get all of your readers to subscribe via email because it drives way more traffic. (Looks like you already have 10 people subscribed.) Also don't forget to set up publicize to send your blog posts to Facebook and Twitter so your friends there can see them.

    You might also really enjoy chapter 8 of Learn WordPress.

  11. Is the email not generated FROM the RSS feed, though? It's entirely independent?

  12. Yes email subscriptions and jabber notifications are a completely separate system.

  13. Wow, I did not know that. Thanks for the update. Also: you're the CEO: take a day off!

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