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Most recent posts at the top?

  1. Hi! Really new to this WordPress thing, and I can't find help in the FAQ. Probably because I'm really new. >_>

    When I post to my blog, it lists the post chronologically. That is, my first post is still at the top of the page. How do I change the formatting so that my second post is at the top of the page?

  2. The times on your posts say 10:00 PM for the top one, and 6:54 PM for the bottom one, so they are in the correct order. Did you change your time setting (Dashboard → Options → General) between posting them?

    (Also, if you link your name to your blog it's easier for other forum readers to find your blog. Click 'View your profile' at the top of this page, then 'Edit'.)

  3. I think I did change the time. I hadn't thought of that. Let me see if I can't figure this one out on my own. I hope there's a way to edit the time of the post. >.>

    Edit: Awesome, figured it out. You guys rock.

  4. i have just the opposite problem, i want to know how to make the posts stay in the same order, means 1st post will stay at the top, the second will come after.... and so on , this is realy important to me, pls anyone help me

  5. hey tnx for the help, i'll check it out now, i was thinking about adding pages , but i want to write a kind of story there, with updates daily, i think there will be too many pages then, n it must be in the right order :)

  6. thewareaglereader

    Can't figure out -- and it may not be possible -- how to increase the number of 'recent posts' listed in my sidebar widget... Can anyone help?

  7. you can only list 15 post titles maximum in the recent posts widget. to do so, go to your widgets page (dashboard -> presentation -> widgets), click on that widget and edit as necessary.

  8. {wave to sulz}
    If you wish to have more recent post title links display in your sidebar then you could create a text widget and enter the links manually into it.

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