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Most recent song to get stuck in your head.

  1. Angie - The Rolling Stones.

    I actually don't like them very much but that song is fantastic.

  2. I've removed the spam post in question. Thanks.

  3. It's Raining Men has been stuck in my head alllll day.

  4. Vanilla Ice - Ice ice baby

    The beat and chorus have been stuck in my head for weeks. It has grabbed onto my subconscious like a leech on fresh meat, draining the fluids.This problem has snow-balled into a self-perpetuating reminder of ice and babies.

    Maybe make a blog entry on it.

  5. Ramones "Somebody Put Something in My Drink"

  6. it has to be usher's new hit- 'omg'
    well between that and 'soft shock acoustic version - yeah yeah yeahs' song i found on youtube earlier, have to love that.

  7. Lol @leggermi: I used to like the yeah song a while ago. Now I have Lenny's "A Long And Sad Goodbye", a song written about his defunct father.
    @philodyssey: I also have the feeling I'll blog about it soon...

  8. a children song 'How Much is That Dogie in The Window' ...hehe it stucks in my head for weeks right after I watched a movie called Breakfast on Pluto

  9. Driving to work the other day, that Jukebox in Siberia come on over the radio.
    l walked into work humming that tune, l worked humming that tune and by lunch time, my workmates were humming that tune.
    No one of us likes that song but no way could we get it out of our heads. Hate that.

  10. Venus - Bananarama. It came on my playlist and been stuck in my head since.

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