Most spam comments are on 1 post. Can I can revise the post to reduce spam?

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    Not sure why, but most spam comments I receive are on the same post:

    As it seems to be a fovourite of the spambots, is there something I can change about that particular post to reduce spam?


    The blog I need help with is


    Most times when this happens it is due to content or tags or categories used. Is Akismet catching the spams? If so, then it is a pain, but not a problem. Does the post still get a lot of legitimate comments? If it does not, you can turn comments off on that post.



    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, Akismet’s catching the spams.

    The post doesn’t have any legit comments, so I could turn off comments on that post, though I’d hoped for a less “brutal” solution.

    There are a couple of pingbacks from (legit-looking) Brazilian sites on the post, so I’m now assuming those sites might get a lot of spam, and the bots just follow the links from their pages to mine.

    I tried deleting the pingbacks from my post, but it didn’t make any difference — which in hindsight makes sense because it’s the incoming links that would be a problem, not the return links from my post.

    So if the incoming links are the problem, it sounds like your idea of banning comments on that post might be the most effective (or maybe the only!) change I could make.



    I had the “Don’t discard spam on old posts” setting checked, so I unchecked it thinking it sounded like the perfect solution. However, even with it unchecked, the spam on the post still isn’t being discarded.

    As you can see by its URL, the post is old (although I’ve edited recently). So why is spam from it still going to the queue??


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    Are you marking those spam messages as spam when you view your spam comments? Or are you just simply deleting them? If you only delete them, then Akismet won’t “learn” that those are spammers. You can also just ignore the spam and Akismet will eliminate them as spam without you doing anything. As long as your readers are not subjected to useless spammers there really isn’t a problem to worry about.



    Apologies – I might not have given the details needed to clarify what I mean.

    The spam messages go straight to the spam queue. It’s the spam queue where my issue lies, because I check it for false positives. (Admittedly, I’ve never spotted one of those yet.)

    So my main question is now: Why does spam from the offending post (and some others) keep going to the queue even though I’ve unchecked “Don’t discard spam on old posts”?

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