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    I am in the process of migrating my website across to WordPress and I am very pleased with the outcomes so far. I am having an issue with the testimonials page which is one of the reasons I selected the Motif theme. I have now customized the page and added a testimonial to the testimonials link page. Whilst I can see the page clearly with my amendments on it ( I cannot find it listed either as a page in the All Pages List nor can I see it in the Appearance menu option to be able to place it into a menu.

    Please can you help?

    The blog I need help with is



    Bruce, did you find the motif theme page?

    I’ve actually been looking into this theme and tried to figure it out just now. No luck so far. It seems to require several steps to get the testimonial page into the menu. They do have some documentation on working with the Testimonials feature:


    Motif features a dedicated testimonial archive page and displays two randomly-selected testimonials on the front page template.

    To add a testimonial, go to Testimonials → Add New in your dashboard. Testimonials are composed of the testimonial text itself, the name of the customer, and an image or logo (which can be added as a featured image).

    You can add the testimonial archive to a custom menu using a custom link. The testimonial archive page can be found at — just replace with the URL of your website.

    Once you have published a testimonial, you will find, under the Testimonials menu in the dashboard, a link that takes you to the Customizer. There, you can edit the archive page title, add an intro text, and assign a featured image.



    Motif is still a relatively new theme and there seems to be a quite a few struggling to set it up how they want it. I’ve created a guide, with the emphasis on setting up the (very attractive) front page template:



    I have an issue with the testimonial archive page. It doesn’t display all my testimonials but only one.
    Why is that? How can I fix it?

    Thank you.



    I have problems with testimonials + Motif theme as well. The testimonial archive does not work for me at all (I get 404 error). Any ideas?

    BTW, I noticed that the Motif instructions does not mention that to be able to add Testimonials, it is required to install the Jetpack plugin first. Maybe I need to configure Jetpack anyhow?



    Jetpack is “built in” to sites. Jetpack is a plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites, so they can have the same functionality as a site.

    If your theme supports testimonials, the option will appear in your Dashboard menu between “Pages” and “Comments”.

    The Testimonial archive page seems to be temperamental, through the Motif theme anyway. Mine worked, and then without making any changes, I started getting a 404 page, and then it started working again!

    Perhaps a member of staff could look into this?


    I have worked it out now!

    You can add a separate testimonial page to your menu by adding a link to the menu and then inserting [blogname] which is the page with all your testimonials listed in a grid view. Simple really, shame you can’t just add it to menu as a page though.

    Am going to keep on with Motif but I am gradually losing my patience with it. It looks attractive on the intro but it really is quirky! just going to check if the formatting in the grid option format has been sorted yet!


    I found the instructions under “Testimonials” in the detailed theme description at this link



    I do have a standalone installation. I configure it on a local machine and it looks like Jetpack does not work as expected (it requires my WordPress install to be accessible outside). Probably it is a reason and it will work when I deploy my WordPress instance on a production server.

    Anyway, if Jetpack/Motif developers read this thread, it makes sense to check it out.



    Thanks for the tips James Riddit. WordPress is a great resource, but it completely lacking in ANY consideration toward helping users make great websites.

    There are way to many themes that have great previews, but it takes 30 steps to get your site looking even remotely like the preview.

    It’s almost as if they want your site to look awful.





    Thanks Tariq, but I think that’s a bit harsh on It’s amazing value for what you get (in fact it’s free if you don’t mind the odd advert on your site), and what hosting company *does* help their users create a great website?


    Is anyone having trouble with ordering your testimonials? I want one of my testimonials to always be the first one and it is not working. I have set the order to “1” – is there something I”m missing?



    Hi superninjendo, have you tried assigning an order number to every testimonial? You could also try changing the “published on” timestamp on testimonials. I suspect they’re ordered like blog posts, latest first.



    Hi James: I cannot figure out how to get my testimonials page as a menu item…I am familiar with wordpress and I just can’t make it happen!



    Hello cuteshorn, you can add your testimonial page to a Custom Menu using a Custom Link. Your testimonial page can be found at — just replace with the URL of your website.

    Here’s’s guide to Custom Menus, including how to add a Custom Link:

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