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Mountain of Problems with Theme Entreprise by StudioPress.

  1. Theme Entreprise I am using now has a mountain of problems. I changed some weeks ago the font color but did not respond, asked for help, received no assistance. Now I have additional problems with the theme, the fonts just became too small. Very unpleasant, and the custom design ain't working. I have to change my theme now and want assistance from someone who knows a theme similar to it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It's unfortunate. I had to purchase a new theme.

  3. Did you ask for a refund?

  4. NO. Entreprise is a free theme. I think that's why they didn't care to act first

  5. first= fast

  6. If the fonts became too small, what you have is an unclosed html tag somewhere in your blog. Changing themes won't help.

    Follow this:

  7. Raincoaster,
    it worked, purchased theme Headlines. Check at This site views had skyrocketed in the current past but this morning it was very low. And realized it was almost impossible to read because font was too small. I happy now i changed, there are things i realized i was missing.

    In my new theme, Headlines, how do I change background color of the site title area seems to me automatic. whenever i change the background of the theme, the site title background changes. I would like to have a different color there.
    I would like to hear your advice raincoaster.

  8. I have no idea. I don't do theme stuff. Perhaps another volunteer can help you.

  9. Thank you raincoaster for your advice. I really appreciate. many thanks.

  10. Your report about getting no assistance sounds strange. We review all the bug reports we find, and the theme team is particularly awesome at responding and fixing things when needed. It's possible you had a longer than average response time for one of your reports (which happens sometimes).

    I noticed that Lance found and fixed the font issue you reported here:

    You got a same day response and fix in that case.

    If you see any other troubles, we'd be happy to take a look! Please report them one per thread and try to include as much detail as possible plus examples if you would like to help things get fixed faster.

  11. Thank you Happiness Engineer. I noticed you have responded to many of my previous questions in this forum. It was very frustrating, but Lance became of great help to me. Everything sorted out now. Thanks for your concern

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