Mouse Over figure animations not working any more

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    I created two animations in this post:

    I used the code below:

    `<a href=”link.html”><img class=”nohover aligncenter” alt=”image” src=”” /><img class=”hover aligncenter” alt=”imagehover” src=”” />
    </a> `


    <a href="link.html"><img class="nohover" alt="image" src="" /><img class="hover" alt="imagehover" src="" />

    They worked when I had the Enterprise theme but not now I have Oxygen. Is there anything that has to do with Oxygen they may not work?

    Otherwise it may be browsers, although I have latest version of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and none of them works.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is working for me:
    Seocnd rollover ‘animation’ is already up and running
    Thank you

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