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    On many web-sites the facility to mouse over exists – kind of like the website preview that appears when you hover over a link.

    Is it possible to add these to your own pages or text widgets?

    Many Thanks for your thoughts.



    A couple of automatic ways exist if I am understanding your question:
    As a website preview this sounds like snapshots. These are enabled by going to Design>Extras then you can click on snapshots. This will give the little preview of what is behind the link in either sidebars or in posts.
    As for other mouse overs it is possible to have this in links in the sidebar. Go to Manage>Links and choose a link to edit and fill in the description part and save it. This will make the message you entered in the description appear when someone rolls over your link.
    Manual coding:
    Inserting a mouse over itself is done by javascript code and that is not allowed due to security reasons.



    You can also place mouse over (hover) text for each of your images.

    You write this within the image uploader, in the ‘title’ box (Firefox) or the ‘alt text’ box (Internet Explorer).

    If you fill in both boxes with the same text, they’ll show the same mouse over text for people using both browsers.

    These tags will also help Google to index your images correctly.

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