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    Hi there! Does WordPress has a built-in mouse-over tooltip feature?
    It’s the thing that can pop up at the cursor, a small window bearing the description of a keyword that the author have designated.

    I’ll be really pleased if someone can help me with this. Thanks.


    consider it done! :D

    when you link a keyword to a url, you can also enter an explanation in the title.

    like, in the tabs, you have the link tab, right? if you click the link tab after selecting a word in your post, you have the option to put the url AND title in the boxes.

    the title you provide pops up when the cursor is hovered over a linked word or image.

    hope this helps! :D



    Thank you sir~!

    Although, I feel that the small title box prevents me from making a detailed description.
    I’m using this feature to explain the meaning of some Japanese words. (^_^)


    thanks for thanking!

    maybe you have to experiment with how much you can put in the title tag? i don’t think it cuts off longer text or anything!

    if a longer explanation is necessary, then you might put (*) or numbers after the keyword and link it to explanations at the bottom of the page – using page jump.

    this footnote kind of way also looks more professional! :D

    and um, i’m not a sir. i’m from the opposite sex! (^_^)

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