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    Is there a way to create a text box or bubble that will pop up when an image is moused over?

    The blog I need help with is



    Do you have the custom design upgrade? And is this a CSS editing question?


    Your images already do that: if you mouse over the images in your middle column, you’ll see the titles of the images (“bookclub” and “vettechwinner”). You can switch the post editor to HTML and change the titles to whatever text you like.


    @timethief yes, we do have the CSS upgrade- I dint know you cookie do this kind of thing with CSS. I don’t want this capability on every page (that would be a lot to manage), only on the book club page.

    @panos my images don’t do that when I mouse over them, maybe I had disabled that at some point. What is the tag I should look for in the HTML editor?



    If your images don’t do that, you should check the settings/preferences of your browser, not your blog.

    In the HTML editor, you’ll change the text inside the quotation marks after title. For example, the code of your bookclub image is this:
    <img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1848" title="bookclub" src="" alt="" width="277" height="190" />



    You can also alter the “title” of an image by selecting the media library and editing a file,
    or by clicking on an image the post visual editor, followed by clicking on the left icon (labeled edit image).

    enter the text you want beside “Title”
    than save.

    That would be an another option besides the HTML tag advice Panos posted.


    Ah yes, thanks – hadn’t thought of that.

    But note: only editing the image in the visual editor will work. Editing the title in the Media Library will not change the HTML of the post if the image has already been inserted in the post.


    Ok, I’ll try out the image title editing way first. Do y’all know if the default for most people’s browsers is for the title/caption to pop up when moused over?



    No one else has answered yet so I thought I’d make some suggestions.

    A. have you cleared your browsers cache and cookies?
    B. have you tried rebooting your computer?

    The title attribute is standard in HTML, I do not know why your browser wouldn’t show them.


    Ok, so all of the above worked well- but the edited title is coming up as a rather standard and negligible looking text box- I have a vague memory though of there being a more glamorous pop up box option (something with rounded 3-D corners and more white space around the text)- is this possible?

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