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Mouse wont Highlight Text?

  1. this is a new problem. I cannot highlight text in when I edit in my blog. I can highlight everywhere else, but when I am actually writing a post, or trying to edit a post, no highlingting.

    HELP ME, Mr Wizard.

  2. We haven't gotten any other reports like that, sounds like a strange problem. If you're not using Firefox, you may want to check it out:

  3. Thanks, I have been using IE 7 beta, until 10 days ago. Then I bought a new computer. A 2.8 Ghz dual Core Pentium D, 4 Gigs of Ram, and lots of harddrives.

    Now this happens. And it only happens when I am to edit my weblog even as I write i can hightlight the text I am typing.

    Yes this is strage to me too. I think i will pray to the ram commando gods, and try again.

  4. i've got this problem too only when i use advant browser
    everything normal with explorer

  5. Avant Browser is a rebuilt version of IE with tabs.

  6. Avant Brower? I have tabs in IE 7 beta and the highlighting works everywhere but when I am editing a post. I don't use the rich editor (thankyou drmike), and keep checking all my options.

    It is starting to drive me nuts.

  7. I am using Opera 8.54 on Linux openSuse, when I am writing or editing my posts, I cannot highlight text too (with mouse). I am not able to use rich text editor although it is selected in option menu. It is only with Opera which is faster then FireFox on my PC ;)

  8. yes know that but Avant Browser is a whole different browser from IE.

    using IE6 and there is no highlighting problem.

    so there is a problem here that the editor is not all browser friendly.

  9. Just thought I'd let y'all know that I am having this exact problem.

    Unfortunately I'm stuck at work having to use IE6, but it's a pain in the ass!

    Haven't tried it with TinyMCE but certainly with the standard text editor I can't swipe words to highlight them with the mouse. I have to use the keyboard.

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